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Hiong Kee Dumplings – used to be good 香记肉粽

Hiong Kee Dumplings – used to be good 香记肉粽

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Dumplings (Ban Chang) are meant for Duan Wu Festive 端午节 but now are common to find this delicacy all year round.

Hiong Kee dumplings 3

Happened to be exploring Hong Lim Market and Food Centre, the long queue at the dumpling stall attracted our attention and we ended with four dumplings on the table. Hiong Kee dumplings occupying two stalls in the food centre, level 2 is their “retail shop” and another stall located at Level 1 is their “Kitchen” where the dumplings are prepared.

Chicken dumpling without salted egg(咸肉粽子)

Hiong Kee dumplings 4

Unlike most of the dumplings in the market that grudging with the filling, Hiong Kee dumpling was packed with generous portion of filling including chicken meat, mushroom and chestnuts. The glutinous rice was well seasoned and tasty with the right softness. So far this is one of the better one in the market.

Note: The good quality of the dumplings was a disappointment in our recent visit (Aug 2018) compared the last visit in 2015,  both the salted bak chang and Nyonya bak chang have lost its glory in both the flavour and taste. Could it be the overwhelming business that may affect the quality control of the dumplings in recent years?

Dumpling with salted egg (咸肉咸蛋粽子)

Hiong Kee dumplings 7

Chicken was replaced by the pork with the additional salted egg as part of the filling.  Similar to the Chicken dumpling, the seasoning of the rice and filling was good. Wrapped with bamboo leaves, the rice dumpling that is generous with its fillings, is made from fried glutinous rice and a filling of egg yolk, chestnut, mushroom and pork cubes marinated with five spices.

Nyonya Dumpling (娘惹粽子)

Hiong Kee dumplings 6

My in-law’s Baba background enable the glutton family to enjoy many of the palatable Nyonya delicacies, Nyonya dumpling is one of our family food heritage and making the Nyonya dumpling is always been one of our yearly event during the festive session. The sumptuous of this homemade authentic Nyonya dumpling is hardly to emulate or find one that measure up to the same standard. 

Hiong Kee Nyonya dumpling was not too impressive in the seasoning, the excessive sugary taste and lacked of the flavour of the spices making the dumpling less appealing to our taste. The dumpling may still have a gap to catch up from the authentic Nyonya ban chang.

Alkaline dumpling with red bean paste (豆沙碱水粽子)

Hiong Kee dumplings 8

Alkaline dumpling contains of glutinous rice that is premixed with alkaline water. The rice is then wrapped in bamboo leaves and boiled for hours. You can have different type of fillings eg. red bean paste or kaya added to the sticky rice which give the alkaline rice another dimension of taste. Hiong Kee red bean alkaline dumpling has a good rice texture and mild sweet red bean, the alkaline was not too distinct and at the right ratio. Overall, we are satisfied with the taste and quality.

Overall, the fragrance of the fillings, good seasoning and the nice rice texture combined makes  the dumplings from Hiong Kee dumplings a notch above the average, this is clearly validated from the long queue outside of the stall which is the best mandate given to their quality.  

Hiong Kee dumplings 2


Hiong Kee dumplings 1


Hiong Kee Dumplings

Address: Hong Lim Food Centre,#02-38

Operating Hours: 8.30am to 7.30pm Closed on Sun & Public Holidays




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