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Herbal Oasis @ Duxton 一盅汤 – Healthy and Sumptuous meals

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Managed by a Renhai clinic, Herbal Oasis claims to offer healthy and sumptuous meals for people to enjoy in a peaceful and comfortable environment. Located at the 2nd level of a RenHai Clinic仁海堂, the Zen inspired design instantly gives you a sense of calmness and serenity when you step into the restaurant.

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The menu consists of flavoured rice made of different ingredients, herbal soups, tea made from TCM herbs and healthy desserts that benefit the overall well-being. Their recipes are developed by qualified TCM physicians working with experienced chefs. Each item on the menu has a herbal touch to it, even the freshly baked homemade pastries!


Yam Rice 芋头饭 $4

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Olive Rice 橄榄饭 $4

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Walnut Brown Rice 核桃糙米饭 $4

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The rice was nicely cooked and perfectly done boosted by the natural flavour from the olive, yam and walnut. Keep in mind we are talking about healthy eating and don’t expect heavy seasoning for a bowl of oily, salty or artificially sweet rice. It was a bowl of fragrance rice impregnated with all the natural goodness that we all love.


Fish with Danggui & Mushrooms 当归杂菌蒸鱼片 $12

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Sweet Peas with Chinese Yam and Abalone Mushrooms 甜豆淮山炒杏鲍菇 $7/$9

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The dishes stick to Herbal Oasis healthy cooking philosophy, besides the herbs for various health benefits, the two dishes we tried were not salty or oily, it was light and capitalized the natural sweetness and flavour from the ingredients to give the dish the succulent taste.  We can fully appreciate the goodness of these hearty dishes.


Complexion-Enhancing Tea 贵妃养颜茶 $5.0 

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The Fire-fighter 清凉降火茶 $5.0 

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The teas are specially blended to provide specific health benefits. The lady manager never failed to promote the Complexion enhancing tea to our two ladies and took her almost effortless to convince them (need to?). Not sure how much a pot of tea can do the wonder but we men decided to go for The Fire-Fighter, a tea supposing to ‘cool’ the inner ‘fire’. The tea was not sweet and we can fully appreciate the fragrance from the floral and herbs. It is a perfect pairing of the teas with the muffins and a good way to laze about for an afternoon.


Bitter Gourd Cooling Soup 苦瓜清爽汤 $7.50

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Qi Tonic Chicken Soup 补气嫩鸡汤 7.50

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Snow Pear with Fig Soup 雪梨无花果汤 7.50

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The soup were not oily or too salty, the Qi Tonic Chicken Soup actually has the chicken skin completely removed to keep the bad cholesterol to the minimum. For Snow Pear with Fig Soup, the Pork ribs were lean and small just enough to infuse the sweetness and flavour into the soup, we are talking about healthy eating and so please don’t expect big chuck of fatty meat to be served. Overall, the soup quality has not been compromised and it is once again proven healthy cooking is achievable through natural means and not required the artificial seasoning.


Red Dates Muffin 红枣松饼 $3.0

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Black Sesame Muffin with Lemon 黑芝麻柠檬松饼  $3.0

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Osmanthus Jelly 2pc) 香甜桂花糕  $3.0

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The Muffins were soft and moist, we like it for the not too sweet taste and the nice aroma from the black sesame and sweetness of the red dates. Perfect to go with the tea.

Our verdict, delicious and healthy food make us fall in love with Herbal Oasis, however, many of you may have the reservations when come to healthy cooking, it really required the individual step out of the comfort zone learning to accept the new kind of taste, and indeed, it is not at all difficult to do so, try it out here at Herbal Oasis and you will realize and convince how easy it is.

Herbal Oasis @ Duxton一盅汤 – Healthy and Sumptuous meals
Add: 27A Neil Road Singapore 088817
Tel: 6221 8798
Hrs: Mon to Sat – 12pm to 7pm

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