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Hee Kee Desserts 囍记, Singapore @ Jurong point mall – Desserts with a local twist!

Hee Kee Desserts 囍记, Singapore @ Jurong point mall – Desserts with a local twist!

Meaning “treasuring happiness”, Hee Kee desserts serves up a spread of Hong Kong desserts, with over 80 items on the menu freshly hand-made by in-house chefs. Brought in by the same management that brought the Taiwanese bubble tea brand Sharetea to Singapore, Hee Kee also puts a local spin on these traditional desserts.

Hee Kee desserts 1

The dessert joint has a vintage Hong Kong style feel to it with soothing 60s jazz music playing in the background. Before we forget to mention, Hee Kee is Halal certified so everyone gets to enjoy what’s on offer!

Hee Kee desserts 2

Traditional Steamed Milk Pudding ($3.50)

You get the option of choosing between the hot or cold version; we had the hot one and we thought it was perfect for a cold rainy day – very thick, fragrant, smooth and silky and it melts in your mouth almost instantaneously. Might be a bit too much to handle on your own, perfect for sharing with someone else so you can order a second dessert!

Hee Kee desserts 3

D24 Durian Sauce with Sago ($5.80)

Something not so commonly seen, this sago dessert had plenty of durian and a huge serving of sago topped with some pomelo bits.  Everything was pretty nice with the generous portion of D24 durian mixed with the sago, the only drawback was the pomelo, with the crisp citrus fruit a bit sour and bitter.

Hee Kee desserts 4

Mango Sago ($5.80)

Ordered by my brother and I because we cannot take the robust “fragrance” of the durian, the mango sago was topped with a large scoop of mango sorbet, this dessert was refreshing and thick, not watery like most.

Hee Kee desserts 5

Mango Cheong Fun ($3.30 per piece)

Adopting the idea from traditional Hong Kong popular Dim Sum – Chee Cheong Fun, Hee Kee cleverly came up with this innovative dessert; instead of the rice flour wrap of the Chee Cheong Fun, Hee Kee uses a sweet coconut infused skin (something like a huge slice of nata de coco) to wrap around a chunk of sweet and juicy mango.

Hee Kee desserts 6

It was quite a challenge to eat this dessert; the slippery skin slid around the plate and in the end, the Mango and Cheong Fun become two separate items.

Hee Kee desserts 7

Durian Pancake ($3.30 per piece)

The Durian Pancake has a thin and soft skin with a bit of the bouncy QQ texture, that went very well with the whipped cream and the rich durian puree! This wowed my parents and thankfully for people like my brother and I, they have the Mango Pancake option too.

Hee Kee desserts 8

Hee Kee desserts 9

Whole coconut with coconut ice cream and crushed peanuts ($8.80)

Served with a cup of coconut juice on the side, the coconut flesh with coconut ice cream and peanuts were in perfect harmony. The fresh young coconut juice was just refreshing and full of natural sweetness, eating the coconut flesh with the ice-cream and peanuts was really enjoyable.

Hee Kee desserts 10

Salted egg Yolks Glutinous Rice Balls in Osmanthus Sweet Soup ($3.80)

Tang Yuan (glutinous rice balls) is hand made in the store – here, chewy dough is wrapped around sweet and salty egg yolk puree then soaked in the sweet osmanthus (桂花, guìhuā) infused broth.

Hee Kee desserts 11

Osmanthus is a flower with a sweet and buttery fragrance. However, we found the broth a little weird tasting, sweet but a little artificial, and did not blend too well with the tang yuan.

Hee Kee desserts 12

Desserts are supposedly best eaten after the main course of the day, however, as our food tasting started at 11am, by the time we finished tasting all the desserts, we were much too full to even think about lunch! (But then again, we don’t regret it one bit!)

Our verdict, amongst the desserts we tasted, the coconut ice cream with peanut crush as well as the D24 Durian Sauce with Sago and Durian pancake are the ones we recommend trying. Need a rest after a long day of shopping? Just head for Hee Kee, and add a touch of sweetness to your day!


Hee Kee Desserts 囍記 Singapore @ Jurong point mall Singapore

Add: 1 Jurong West Central 2 #03-54/55, Jurong Point II, Level 3  Singapore 648886

Hrs: 10:00am to 10:00pm



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