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Hatter Street Bakehouse and Café Review

Hatter Street Bakehouse and Café

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If you’ve never had the chance to try a 3-Michelin starred restaurant, I guess the second best alternative would be to go to a restaurant (or in this case, a café) whereby the chef is trained in a 3-Michelin starred restaurant. That’s right, the chef owner of Hatter Street (Yvette Chua) used to be a teacher before she decided to major in a degree of professional studies in culinary arts management, later on trained in Bo Innovation – a 3-Michelin starred restaurant.

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Walking into Hatter Street Bakehouse and Café, there was a corner that resembled a scene out from Alice in Wonderland – keeping the theme going since Hatter Street was probably named after Hatter in his never-ending tea party in the adventures of Alice in Wonderland.

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Alice ($6.80)

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The white chocolate brownie was moist on the whole and burnt at the edges, but to attain such moisture, the brownie was way too sweet for our liking. Paired together with the vanilla ice cream, it was simply sweetness overload! The salted caramel sauce did little to make it less sweet.

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Pandan ice cream with Gula Melaka sauce ($8.90)

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The Belgian waffle had a perfect crunch to it with a soft inner layer that had a mild vanilla fragrance, unlike most that are simply plain and salty. The pandan ice cream was very fine too, although the fragrance of the pandan wasn’t very prominent. Drizzled with Gula Melaka sauce, all the components went very well together. Even my brother who complained he was full couldn’t resist taking more than a few bites!

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We’re not sure about the rest of the items there since the tiramisu was out of stock by the time we arrived and they had new items every day; but one thing we knew for sure is that you have to give their waffles a shot!

Hatter Street Bakehouse and Café

Add: Blk 212 #01-333 Hougang Street 21, Singapore 530212

Tel: 6988 4591

Hrs: Tues – Sun 1pm – 10pm


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