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Happy Birthday! Ieatandeat – The Glutton Family

Ieatandeat – The Glutton Family 

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26 Jun 2015 marks our second anniversary for Ieatandeat. Two years may not be seemed as long but we think it is still worthwhile to share with our readers the richness of the journey we have gone through.

Ieatandeat team consists of the four gluttons in the Chua family and a group of technical support crews who is always there to provide seamless support to keep the website running hard.

Over the years, besides going around hunting for food, cooking and baking are the other favorite hobby the Glutton family loves to spend time together. Our steadfast faith with food quality can be viewed as extreme sometime but we are adamant this is part of the spirit of a good food blogger. How extreme can we go? We often spend substantial amount of time, efforts and resources just to figure out and understand anything about food, it may sound lunatic but the knowledge gained is worth every of the effort. Here are some fanatical things we have done:

– We experimental more than 20 types of waffles recipes with hundreds of waffles baked, zoom down to one and improvised to find a real good waffle recipe.

– We bought more than 10 types of Kaya and peanut butter from the supermarket just to find the one we like.

– We had once more than 10 over brands of bottle chili sauce and soy sauce lining up on the dining table for our very own taste test.

– We used up more than 40kg of chicken wings to finally whip out the Assam chicken that we now in love.

– We tried hard to figure out how to choose the best honey dew, watermelon, banana and papaya etc by eating tons of same fruit for few weeks with different species, shapes, sizes, country of produce just to find the best.

Are we live up calling ourselves the Glutton family? Let’s see more statistic what we have achieved over the last two years with the growth of ieatandeat website:

– We have more than ten thousand shots on food photos taken in the last two years and published more than 550 reviews over the same period cover the hawker food, cafe, restaurants and recipes etc.

– We have created different food categories featuring the best in its class, so, looking for best Hokkien mee? Best fish soup? Or best prawn mee? You can find the best recommendations here. We even tried to eat more than 15 stalls of prawn mee and Hokkien mee in a month just to look for the best! Everything within the Chua family.

– Besides doing food review, we have no hesitation to go the extra mile by helping those hawkers with bleak business but good potential to boost their business through our social media platform. (Just to clarify, no money involved). In the end, the smiles on the owner’s face from the revitalised sales are the most rewarding.

There are many more the Glutton family has achieved over the two years. In fact, we are very tempting to share more of our experiences with you in the area of good food (check it out under our Top Choice category), good recipes (more coming in future), good kitchen tips (want to know which is the best Kaya brand or peanut butter?) and all the good stuff or findings that we know related to food (Sorry, Glutton family always). To the extent of where can you find good culinary sets, kitchen utensils, baking equipment etc. Eg, ToTT is where we frequently patronized to buy our kitchen needs. (Fyi, part of Singapore Great Sales under CupoNation, some items up to 50% discount, check it out if you are interested).

For Ieatandeat, we are still at the infancy stage and we will continue to grow, past two years of support from you is heartedly felt and the Glutton family is looking forward your continuous support into the future.



Last but not least, we are proud to be nominated as one of the finalists by SPH 2015 Singapore Blog Awards under Best Food Blog for the second year! Do give us some encouragement and cast your vote at We highly appreciate your endorsement to keep us going.

Thanks and do wish us Happy Birthday ! 🙂

The Glutton family and Ieatandeat team

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