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Hao Chu Seafood – Good Fish Head Bee Hoon 好厨海鲜

Hao Chu Seafood – Good Fish Head Bee Hoon 好厨海鲜

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There is nothing too interesting at the Teban Garden Food Centre and we decided to head for Hao Chu Seafood, a zi char stall operated from an unassuming coffeeshop near to the food centre. Popular amongst  the Teban Garden residents for its fish head bee hoon, hor fun and zi char dishes, we have little hesitation what to order knowing to satisfy the growling stomach.

Fish slice bee hoon


The milky white soup was the result of the evaporated milk added into the soup for the additional milky taste.  Not fragrance enough? At $6.50, you can ask for the XO version and the spoonful of “Extra Old” brandy in the broth could give you the extra zing to the taste.

hao chu seafood 3

The fish slice bee hoon was quite tasty, bee hoon was smooth and chewy, fish slice was fresh and not fishy, a flavourful bowl of fish bee hoon which is highly commendable 

San Lao Hor Fun (三捞河粉)

hao chu seafood 5

The Hor Fun came with the charred flavour and cooked with bean sprouts, fish slices and spring onion.  Well seasoned gravy was doused over to make the San Lao Hor Fun truly luscious and satisfying.  

Sambal Kang Kong (参巴蕹菜)

hao chu seafood 6

The sambal blended quite well with the Kang kong which was crunchy and fresh.


Ngoh Hiang / Prawn roll (五香卷)

hao chu seafood 7

The Ngoh Hiang was quite tasty; not packed with flour but you can fully appreciate the diced prawn, minced meat and the well seasoning wrapped in the beancurd skin. Deep fried to golden brown and dipping into the plum sauce made a really pleasant dish.  

 hao chu seafood 8

Prawn paste Chicken Wing(虾酱鸡)

hao chu seafood 9

The chicken wings were deep fried and the coating was packed with flavour from the seasoning and bean paste.


Overall, Hao Chu Seafood has mastered the zi char skills as most of the dishes served were delectable and totalizing to the taste buds. This is one of the better zi char stall we have tried so far. Though the coffeeshop could be a little rundown and out of fashion, may be the owner not too convincing the importance of a good ambience can help in the business, however, isn’t that this is usually where the environment that nostalgia and real good taste could be found.

 hao chu seafood 1

Hao Chu Seafood (好厨海鲜)

Address: Chop Lian Hin Coffeeshop

Blk 39 Teban Gardens Road, Singapore 600039




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