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Handlebar The Original – the biker’s heaven

Handlebar The Original

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Not in the city, not in the heartland area, not in the residential site, hidden from bustle that lies the Handlebar the original, a bar located at the Northern end of Singapore, facing the Johor strait, deep inside Jalan  mempurong, a place is completely out of reach from the public, it is so remote that get there is a challenge if without your own transport, surrounded by the forestry with a small road leading to this surreal place, a place flourishing with its unique bikers theme concept and the popular blossom onion.

Handlebar The Original

There is a non air condition small indoor dining area with limited capacity but it is the alfresco view that catches all the attention. The huge outdoor sitting area provides an awesome sea view and the invigorating sea breeze that everyone adore. It is simply rejuvenating!

Handlebar The Original

Handlebar the original never failed to showcase its theme on their love of the two wheels bikes, the cafe is heavily done up with the parts from the two wheels and automobile accessories, the tables, chairs, display and even the juice extractors are not spare and gild in the creation of this  vroom-ing filled environment, the amalgamation of classic rock music with the murky black surrounding give forth a peaceful and relaxing dining experience, our first impression is praiseworthy.

Handlebar 2

Handlebar 3

Handlebar 14

Onion blossom $12

Handlebar 7

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Sliced onion to look like a blossom of a Chrysanthemum and it is beautiful! Deep fried but retained the juiciness and fragrance from the onion. Eat it from the petals or dig into the cream sauce was simply savory.
Fish and Chip $16

Handlebar 10

Breaded pacific dory seasoned with beer buttered, a little to the bland side and need to supplement by the Mayonaise sauce.

Beer butter Chicken $25

Handlebar 12

They need 45 mins to prepare this dish and if you come with a growling stomach, think twice before you order. The chicken was tender and moist but lacked of the flavour, may be why there were various sauces provided to pair with the bird for this reason.

Cocaine Wings $12

Handlebar 9

Don’t worry, the chicken wings contained no cocaine, it comes with three spice level, we are not the adventure type and opted for the mildest hot wings. Just to warn you even at level 1, the spiciness already caused severe burning sensation to the tongue. I got to gulp down glasses of water to put off the fire. The wings were a little too dry and hard, crispy but not much of character except it was damned HOT!

Cheese Fry $10

Handlebar 8

Using Mozzarella cheese and looked like eating pizza. Something unique.

Handlebar 4

Our verdict, at Handlebar the original, seriously, what we enjoyed most is not the food but the ambience and the rare tranquility that enveloping the surrounding, the breath of sea breeze, blue water,  greenery, it is the pastoral of the countryside and the nature that keep our minds fully enjoying a moment of freedom.
Handlebar 6

What could be more relaxing than here? Thanks Handlebar the original.

Handlebar the original
Add: PA Sembawang Water Venture Club, 57 Jalan Mempurong, Singapore 759057
Tel: 6475-9571
Hrs: Tue–Thu: 5pm – 1am Fri: 5pm – 2am Sat: 3pm – 2am Sun: 3pm – 1am (Closed on Mon)

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