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Han Kee Fish Soup 汉记鱼汤

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Han Kee Fish Soup 汉记鱼汤

So, there are two famous fish soup stalls in Amoy Street Food Centre: Piao Ji Fish Porridge and Han Kee Fish Soup, both with a following – though on the day of our tasting, the queue at Piao Ji was somewhat longer than Han Kee.

With one goal in mind – to decide on who’s better – we ordered fish soup from both the stalls to compare them side by side.

From Han Kee Fish Soup, we ordered the $5 serving, the broth was clear and you can smell the fragrance of the fish soup from the bowl before eating it. We know a good broth is the soul of a good fish soup, and you would probably be able to declare a good fish soup with the first sip, if the soup is up to the mark. And Han Kee did not disappoint us – the soup was saturated with a natural sweetness, and there wasn’t the taste of the pork lard unlike at Piao Ji fish soup, so, definitely a healthier choice.

Han Kee fish soup 2

The fish slices here featured quality fish, and not the cheap snakehead, and that made the fish soup well worth its value. Han Kee was not too stingy with the fish as well. Flavourful and juicy, you can enjoy the full sweetness of the fish – the freshness and tenderness  here were superior to Piao Ji’s.

Han Kee fish soup 3

Comparing the two fish soups in this food centre, our verdict is:


Piao Ji fish soup was fragrant with pork lard added and lots of flatfish but Han Ji fish soup was more natural in sweetness and definitely healthier.

Fish slices:

Piao Ji seasoned the fish slices with salt to make it tastier, but it turned out to be overdone and too salty, Han Kee was more easy on the taste buds and stayed true to the simple flavour of the fish without overwhelming it. The fish slices from Piao Ji obviously lost its tenderness as a result from overcooking, whereas Han Kee’s fish slices were more tender in texture.

Han Kee fish soup 4

We believe good fish soup does not require too much window dressing; the ability to retain the natural sweetness and the original taste from the fresh fish slices should be enough of a draw to win over patrons. Fish soup, to us, should always be a healthier choice, and our preferred choice of the two is obvious!

Han Kee fish soup 1

Han Kee Fish Soup 汉记鱼汤

Address: #02-129, Amoy Street Food Centre, 7 Maxwell Road

Operating Hours: Mon – Sat: 10:00 – 15:00, closed on Sundays




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  • Avatar Junji says:

    Piao Ji uses pomfret fish (which is a more expensive type of fish), while Han Kee uses batang (spanish mackerel).

  • Avatar TK says:

    Thanks for the note.

  • Avatar ricohflex says:

    I have eaten at both. Piao Ji is more expensive and has its regular customers who don’t blink paying $13.50 for the more costly item (fish with prawn) on the menu. Both stalls Han Kee & Piao Ji are immensely popular.
    The subtle differences in food taste observation by ieatand eat here in this article, are accurate and true.
    There is another big player – at Hong Lim Food Centre named Chai Kee Fish Soup.

  • Avatar TK says:

    Thanks to agree with our tastebuds, we will definitely go and visit Chai Kee Fish Soup. Thanks

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