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Hajjah Jamillah Rajmohamed Muslim Food – Mee Hoon Goreng

Hajjah Jamillah Rajmohamed Muslim Food – Mee Hoon Goreng

Review written by glutton princess – QiQi

We went to Haig Road Market and food centre recently and wrote about the famous Putu Piring (Kueh Tu Tu) review, it was not the only thing we tried, we were attracted by the fragrance of the food from the table next to us, it was two uncles tucking in the nasi goreng and mee hoon goreng, the tantalising smell simply too tempting not to give it a try and finally we  got ourselves a Mee Hoon Goreng with Ikan Bilis (fried beehoon with anchovies) from the same stall as well.

mee goreng 1

Hajjah Jamillah Rajmohamed Muslim Food – Mee Hoon Goreng

My mum couldn’t stop raving about how she tried the same dish before at a different stall and mesmerizing taste and the fragrance. I didn’t believe it though. I mean, how fragrant can  mee hoon goreng be? Such a simple dish, it can’t be that fantastic.

mee goreng 2


When the plate of mee hoon goreng was presented to us, even though it didn’t look very fantastic, the scent of the mee hoon goreng immediately caught my attention. It smelt pretty good. Still thinking that it was just some average mee hoon goreng that I have on a weekly basis, and couldn’t be bother to snap a few shots (Yes, the photos that you see are missing a couple of bites) simply thinking it was not worthy of a review and I was wrong, a few spoonful  of the mee hoon changes my perception quite a fair bite.

mee goreng 3

First of all, I know how hard it is to achieve the “wok smell”, since out of a hundred stalls, not more than a tenth of the stalls can get it right and this stall is one of them! The “wok smell” was relatively distinct and you have to try it yourself to enjoy it. On top of that, the anchovies topping helped give the mee hoon goreng a further boost of flavour! It was tasty and we cannot get enough of it! (So did my glutton brother)

No doubt there is better mee hoon goreng out there, but if you’re in the vicinity and couldn’t decide what to eat, do give it a try so not to miss out little nice thing in life!

mee goreng 4

Hajjah Jamillah Rajmohamed Muslim Food – mee hoon goreng

Address: Haig Road Market and Cooked Food Centre,

Stall #01-09, 14 Haig Road Singapore 430014

Operating Hours: Lunch till Dinner




  1. Do you cater your Mee Hoon goreng for abt 140 pax. How much is your cost. How about delivery?
    My location is at Middle Road for an Indonesian church function.

    Thank you.
    tel: 96343405


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