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Haji M Abdul Rajak Stall – Best Kambing Soup in Singapore?

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haji M abdul rajak stall

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Haji M Abdul Rajak Stall 

Haji M Abdul Rajak stall soup kambing 1

It is crowned the best Kambing soup / Mutton soup in Singapore by many foodies. We expect long queues during lunch hour but it turned out to be less than a five-minute wait. Strange…

Haji M Abdul Rajak stall soup kambing 2

The bowl of Kambing soup comes with french loaf ($6), not too cheap for a mere bowl of soup with few pieces of mutton. Maybe the number one tag does embellish some values to it.

Haji M Abdul Rajak stall soup kambing 3

Haji M. Abdul Rajak Stall mutton soup does not disappoint us. The bowl of soup was rich and wholesomely delicious, however, the chunks of mutton were less ideal. The supposedly tender mutton was tough and the texture too coarse when biting into it, the selection of the portion of the meat seems not to be given much attention which is a snag to the sumptuous Kambing soup.

Our verdict 

Haji M. Abdul Rajak Stall Kambing soup undoubtedly has the right substance and we cannot deny that it is a bowl of good quality soup. However, the poor quality of the mutton somehow marked down the overall standard.

Haji M. Abdul Rajak Stall

A: 17 Upper Boon Keng Rd, Singapore 380017

H: 11am – 11pm (Try your luck, we only manage to eat the soup at the 4th visits, always closed)



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