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Hainanese Delicacy Chicken Rice @ Far East Plaza 海南美味佳肴

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Hainanese Delicacy Chicken Rice @ Far East Plaza 海南美味佳肴

We were looking for a place for dinner after food tasting session at the Far East Plaza, the shop owner immediately recommend us to try the chicken rice next door. According to the boss, the chicken rice is good and popular amongst the workers here. Well. So we thought “no harm trying, since it was just next door!”

Hainanese delicacy 1

The shop was packed with less than ten tables in a small area and was fully occupied. We were impressed with the full house of chicken rice lovers, everything looked promising but we just ordered one plate of chicken rice to try first.

Hainanese delicacy 2

The plate of chicken rice was delivered in a lightning speed even with their busy orders from the big crowd, kudos to their efficient kitchen!

Hainanese delicacy 4

The rice was fragrant, savoury and had just the right moisture with a nice garlicky flavour which made it irresistible. The poached white chicken was tender and juicy, drenched in their signature sauce further accentuated the sweet flavours of the steamed chicken. Their extra spicy chilli sauce was also an awesome pairing with the mains.

Hainanese delicacy 3

Our verdict: From one plate, to eventually ordering another three servings, perhaps is the best testimony to how irresistible their Hainanese Delicacy Chicken Rice was. The highly efficient service ensures the shortest waiting time and is definitely another plus of eating here.


Hainanese Delicacy Chicken Rice @ Far East Plaza 海南美味佳肴

Add: Hainanese Specialist Boneless Chicken Rice 14, Scotts Road , Far East Plaza #05-116

Tel: 6734 0639

Hrs:  Mon to Sun: 10am – 8pm



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