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Gyoza Ya : Good food, service and price

Gyoza-Ya – Good Food, Good Service and Price

We were invited to review this restaurant. As you might have figured out from the name, Gyoza Ya is a Japanese restaurant that specialises in Gyoza (dumplings). Who said that you cannot find affordable food in town, with the exception of food courts? Well, Gyoza Ya sure busted our assumptions, by offering food items that are all below $10.

Gyoza-ya 2

If you are afraid that the quality of the food will be affected by the price, you can worry no more. All of the dumplings produced are made from this machine below that was specially imported from Hokkaido to maintain the consistency of their dumplings. While some might argue that there is a lack of human touch, we sure weren’t complaining! The gyozas are all made to order, ensuring that the gyozas are at their freshest. The dumpling skin and dishes like Jya Jya Men, which we review further down, were also all imported directly from Hokkaido.

Gyoza-ya 22

Yuzu Soda ($4.80)

The pomelos used are all fresh and hand-picked to ensure the greatest quality; this is said to be their best seller. The Yuzu soda is very refreshing, and of the right sweetness which we adored!

Gyoza-ya 4

Nasu Miso Gake – Grilled Eggplant with Sweet Miso ($4.80)

Grilled at very high heat, then dipped in cold water to remove the skin, the eggplant is then topped with a unique homemade miso sweet paste with minced meat. This dish was interesting as it was something we’ve never eaten before. With its extremely refreshing flavours, on top of the fact that it’s chilled, this dish makes for a good appetiser!

Gyoza-ya 27

Pan-Fried Dumpling with Pork ($4.80)

Gyoza-ya 25

Do not be deceived by its pale exterior, the filling was crunchy and tasty. It’s so flavourful we could eat it on its own without any sauce! The skin of the gyoza was also very thin, thumbs up!

Gyoza-ya 26

Pan-Fried Dumpling with Vegetables ($4.80)

Gyoza-ya 5

There was an assortment of crunchy vegetables that was used as the filling. Like the previous dumpling, the filling was tasty and the skin was crispy too!

Gyoza-ya 6

Nikujyaga – Japanese Beef Stew with Vegetables ($4.80)

Gyoza-ya 8

The beef was slightly tough in our opinion, but the taste definitely made up for it. The stew was absolutely fragrant, with carrots, onions and potatoes that fully soaked up all the goodness. Would ask for a big bowl of the stew if we could!

Gyoza-ya 7

Jya Jya Men – Thick Noodles with Minced Pork and Special Miso ($6.50)

There are actually two ways of eating your Jya Jya Men: dry or with miso soup.

Gyoza-ya 9

First step: The noodle had the perfect texture, giving off the springy “QQ” feeling. This was a simple dish, but the texture of the noodle, with the spring onion and the crunchy cucumber really went very well together. Nice blend!

Gyoza-ya 10

Second step: We mixed the poached egg in and created our own wicked Jya Jya Men concoction. We added the Jya Jya Miso, lots of chilli powder and chilli oil to our satisfaction (since we like our food to be bursting with flavour) – we really love the flexibility behind this dish!

Gyoza-ya 19 Gyoza-ya 21

Boiled Dumpling with Pork ($4.80)

Gyoza-ya 11

The thing that differentiates this from the normal fried gyoza is the white miso glaze that is sweet, sour and salty at the same time, making the dish rather appetising, and not so cloying. As for the filling, it was as tasty as the fried dumplings’.

Gyoza-ya 12

Ninniku Yaki Meshi – Japanese Garlic Fried Rice ($5.80)

Gyoza-ya 17

It’s no ordinary fried rice, as the rice is fried with garlic infused oil (with the garlic immersed in oil for 40 over hours!) we could already smell it when the couple at the table next to us ordered it; it was no doubt fragrant. It’s a pity though that the rice was slightly dry, but it was still chewy. Simple dish, but the garlic infused oil really brought out the flavour of the entire dish. Plentiful serving of eggs too!

Gyoza-ya 16

Soboro Ankake Tofu – Tofu with Minced Beef and Fish Meat ($4.80)

Crispy on the outside; soft and silky on the inside. With half the skin soaked in the minced pork gravy, and half of it untouched, it was a nice blend of flavour and crispness. The minced meat was so good you can eat it just like that (although it might be a little salty).

Gyoza-ya 15

Crispy Chicken Bone ($3.80)

This might be a hit or a miss for you. I personally couldn’t take the texture of the soft bone although I loved the crispy and tastily seasoned outer layer. It would be a good side to munch on with alcohol. The soft bone was very crunchy, and interesting, with the mayonnaise given, it’s a good after-dinner snack.

Gyoza-ya 24

On the whole, we highly recommend that you give their affordable and high quality dumplings a try. With good food, good service at a good price, you really can’t ask for more! Finally, we would like to thank Gyoza Ya for the invitation and hospitality.

Gyoza-ya 1


Address: 260 Orchard Road #B1-02a Robinsons Orchard (The Heeren) Singapore 238855

Operating Hours: Daily: 11:30 – 22:00

Website: https://www.facebook.com/gyozaya.sg



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