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Gurney Drive Restaurant

Gurney Drive Restaurant

Review written by Glutton Princess – QiQi

When it comes to this glutton family, we can’t say no to Penang food. While exploring the newly opened JEM, when we saw the food that Gurney Drive Restaurant has to offer, we knew immediately where we would be having our dinner at. Gurney Drive is located in George Town, Penang; a food street with plenty of Penang food choices. What Gurney Drive Restaurant aims to do is to bring Penang to us… Let’s see if they succeeded!

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When you think of Penang, you obviously can’t miss out on Penang Fried Kway Teow and their Penang Assam Laksa. So that’s what we ordered, along with Sambal Kang Kong (by request of my brother), and their chef recommended Chendol, Penang Malay Mee Goreng and the Gurney Nasi Lemak!

Sambal Kang Kong ($7.95)

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The stir fried Sambal Kang Kong was soft and easy to bite, and the “special Gurney sambal sauce” was indeed rather tasty! It was spicy and filled with a lot of dried shrimps; cut into small bits and pieces so it’s real easy to chew and digest. The shrimps gave the Kang Kong a dash of saltiness and crunch which made it a joy to eat!

Penang Malay Mee Goreng ($7.95)

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The Mee Goreng was fragrant, however we all thought that it was slightly on the sweet side. Would be best if it was a tad spicier! There were huge amount of eggs, prawns, fish cake, squid, bean sprouts, bean curd and potato amongst the mee, garnished with lettuce to give it the extra crunch! Prawns used were fresh, soft and tasty. The yellow noodles were also of the right texture, not too soft till it breaks easily nor is it hard like rubber.

Gurney Nasi Lemak ($7.95)

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The Nasi Lemak was served with a bowl of curry which was relatively odd since I never had curry with Nasi Lemak before. However, the curry actually turned out to be a rather good addition to the entire dish, other than the fact that it is slightly on the dilute side and a little sour. The rice, which is the main component of the Nasi Lemak carried with it the mild sweet taste of the coconut leaves, and the rice used was of a fairly good quality as the rice does not stick together in lumps. As for the chilli, it has the taste of lemongrass, so if you are not a fan of lemongrass like me, you might want to stay away from it. The other components like the achar, omelette and chicken wings tasted average, but the chicken wing was very crispy!

Penang Assam Laksa ($6.95)

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I’m normally not a huge fan of Assam Laksa, so I surprised myself when I found that I actually quite like this one! The noodles used were said to be specially imported from Penang, and I guess that is true because the noodles were of a rather good quality. It had the Q Q texture to it and wasn’t in the least ‘gerlat’. I personally felt that the soup was sour enough, but my mum thought otherwise. The soup was also not very thick. The sardine given in the Assam Laksa was huge, but there was not much essence of it in the soup.

Penang Fried Kway Teow ($8.65)

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We absolutely love Penang Fried Kway Teow, so much more over the normal black Fried Kway Teow. So when the plate of Kway Teow arrived, all of us couldn’t wait to tuck in. (especially when it smells so good!) The noodles were chewy and nicely seasoned, and there were loads of prawns, pork lard, lap cheong (Chinese sausage) and eggs. What’s not to love about this? Especially so when there was also the wok smell which every good Kway Teow should have. Needless to say my brother devoured most of it, and even asked for a second plate!

Chendol ($3.95)

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Couldn’t find a better way to end the meal than with the Chendol we ordered. They are very generous with the brown syrup and the fresh coconut milk making the Chendol very fragrant; unlike certain stalls where they skimp on it and you get plain shaved ice with a few drops of syrup. Might be unhealthy but it’s worth it. Even though there was plenty of syrup, it was surprisingly not very sweet! Huge red beans are used, so it’s very soft and it almost kind of just dissolves in your mouth. The same can be said for the ‘green caterpillar’! Not the finest shaved ice in the world, but still reasonably textured.

This meal at Gurney Drive has been rather pleasant. Although food’s priced way higher than the norm and portion’s on the small side, the quality’s there! Order the Chef Recommended dishes (just like we did!) and you most probably won’t go wrong. Seems to me that Gurney Drive Restaurant succeeded in bringing Penang to us.

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Gurney Drive Restaurant

Jubilee Square 61 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 #01-07 to 10 (next to Blk 722) Singapore 569814 Tel: 6455 1202 Operation Hour: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Last order at 9.30 p.m.)

Terminal 3 Departure Departure/Check-in Hall, Level 3 Mezz South, #03-21, Singapore 819692 Tel: 6441 1690 Operation Hour: 10.30 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Last order at 9.30 p.m.)

Suntec City Mall 3 Temasek Boulevard, #B1-058 Fountain Terrace, Singapore 038983 Tel: 6336 8847 Closed due to Suntec City renovation

Gurney Drive @ JEM (Jurong East) 50 Jurong Gateway Road JEM Shopping Mall, #04-27 Singapore 508346 Tel: 6734 8006 Operation Hour: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Last order at 9.30 p.m.)





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