Gurame Indonesian Restaurant

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Gurame Indonesian Restaurant

A stone throw away was the undulating wave washing on the rocks, repeating the seemingly monotonous rhythm that to the dislike of no one. On the wooden deck right next to the blue sea and under the canopy of the blue sky, there were rows of tables with families, couples and friends tucking in the sumptuous dinner, simultaneously embracing the gentle sea breeze and admiring the crimson coloured sky by the glorious of the sunset.

It is just sweet to be with the loved one immersing in the beauty of nature. The glutton family enjoyed every moment of togetherness; for food is our common interest and that bonded us firmly. We chose this place for the dinner to get away from the crowd and noise, allowing a quiet moment, create some space and slow down a little for all of us.  We ordered the Soto Ayam (Chicken , Ikan Pepes (fish otah), Ayam Bakar (Grilled Chicken) , Tahu Telor Gurame (fried beancurd omelette) and Kangkong udang (sambal KangKong). Food was generally good, the Tahu Telor was a house specialty, the tahu was cut in cube shape which was different from the traditional Tahu Telor of mashed tofu coated with deep fried eggs. The taste was reasonably good with the sauce.


Soto Ayam came with lots of ingredients, the chicken essence can be fully appreciated in the soup, however, too many ingredients just making the soup too cloying and that’s where some time we appreciate simplicity especially for soup.


Ikan Pepes was a high end version of fish otah wrapped in pandan leaves and steamed to perfection. The fish was fresh and tender, but the otah paste was nothing too exciting to talk about. The herbs in the paste were quite distinct but blended well with the fish.


Ayam Bakar (Grilled chicken) was grilled and doused with spices mixture consists of chili, tamarind, garlic and others. A simple dish with a relatively simple taste.


Kangkong udang (sambal Kangkong) was fried with fiercely hot chili, this is my son favorite leafy dish but the chili padi was too torturous for him, he had to gulp down two big glasses of juices and extra serving of plain rice just to put off the “Fire”. Poor boy….


Overall, food at Garame Indonesian restaurant was of an acceptable standard. At least, the glutton family truly enjoyed the simple meal and appreciated the tranquility of the ambiance surrounded us. Most importantly, we are blessed for every moment with the company of each other in this peaceful atmosphere, no one missed out and perhaps this was the most wonderful part of the meal.

Gurame Indonesian Restaurant

Address: 11, Changi Coast Walk, NSRCC Sea Sports Centre Singapore 499740

Telephone: 6542 2038

Operating Hours: Lunch:  12 pm to 3 pm, Dinner: 6 pm to 10 pm



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