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Guang Xing Original Taste Fish Head Bee Hoon 广兴原味鱼头米粉

Fried Fish Head

Guang Xing Original Taste Fish Head Bee Hoon 广兴原味鱼头米粉

We heard the stall sells good fried fish head and the long queue confirmed and verified the popularity of the stall. Two versions of fried fish head are available, the sambal chili and the black bean sauce, we ordered both the versions just to make the long waiting worth.

fried fish head 2


Both the versions cooked with bitter gourd, the vegetable that I personally had some reservation especially the bitterness. I was nagging in my heart why the stall owner can’t just give the customer another choice besides the bitter gourd, is it truth only the bitter gourd can bring up the best of the dish. Well, the first taste changed my perception about the bitter gourd, when cooked with the Fried fish head, it actually tasted pretty good! Thought the dish looked rather messy at first glance and to the extent my daughter commented the dish looked like a junk plate of left over food! She almost destroyed our appetite!!

Fried Fish Head

fried fish head 3

Luckily the gravy in both the versions were rich and flavoursome, the  Fried fish head already chopped into small pieces and we had to salvage the fish meat amongst the bit and pieces of bones, bitter gourd and the thick gravy, if you are not the fan of Fried fish head and don’t like the chewing of the bone, the delicacy may not be your cup of tea.

Between the sambal chili and the black bean sauce, we prefer the black bean sauce version, the version tasted more balance in all aspects with the Fried fish head, eaten together with a bowl of white rice and that will give you a relishing and a hearty enjoyment for a good meal.

fried fish head 1


Guang Xing Original Taste Fried Fish Head Bee Hoon

Address: Block 2 Changi Village Food Centre, Changi Village Road, #01-31 Singapore 500002





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