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Guang Liang cooked food kway chap 光亮熟食

Guang Liang cooked food kway chap 光亮熟食

The timing of our visit to the stall was not too appropriate. We were told by the stall owner that their customers increased by double in these two weeks after it was featured in the TV series. Waiting time was expected to extend proportionally and we were warned must have the patience to wait. Well, if the stall was featured by the TV celebrities, the quality cannot be too far off the standard and perhaps worth the wait. So, we joined the queue.

guang liang cooked food kway chap 2

The stall was obviously overwhelmed by the good business that they did not even allow the customers to choose the assortments; you will be expected to eat what’s served. Customer is always the king? Well, the belief will not work here. This was the first time we patronised a kway chap stall that customer has no say to their order, everything was up to the stall to decide, a little too autocratic and seems to be lacking the customer touch, a matter of take it or leave it. We were somehow hesitant to proceed further but eventually the desire to try this highly recommended kway chap overruled the call to quit.

Guang Liang cooked food kway chap

guang liang cooked food kway chap 5

When the kway chap arrived after the long wait, my hunger stricken boy frantically went for the dish looking for his favourite tau pok, beancurd and eggs since intestine were not his liking, his attain to unearth the dish for his favourite covered by full of intestine turned out to be a big disappointment! To our shocking, what we had was a plate full of innards and few slices of pig stomach with miserable braised meats, that’s it!! No tau pok, no beancurd, no eggs, no pork belly, no…. My poor son ended up with a plate of chicken rice. Interestingly, a signboard prominently displayed at the stall mentioned “Just order innards will not be entertained”, but we got a plate of kway chap almost just innards !!!

guang liang cooked food kway chap 3

We could have felt better if the plate of innards can somewhat perk up our taste buds, but reality was somehow satirical to our expectation, it was quite a disappointment how the innards were prepared, the intestines were not properly cleaned and solidified whitish lard was in fact oozing out from the inside! The innards were too stiff and lack of the softness we expect, it was kind of a pull us off.

guang liang cooked food kway chap 4

The kway or flat rice noodles was served with very light sauce (Braised sauce), much lighter than others kway chap, if without the distinct flavour of the fried shallot oil and garlic, the kway tasted almost featureless.

We were trying very hard to understand why such a reputable kway chap stall went into such ghastly failure today; perhaps the overwhelming demands resulted from the TV propaganda  had led to the stall hunger for more output but compromised on the quality. Looking at the plate of innards, we were trying very hard to find something more positive to comment, and luckily the chilli sauce was pretty good and it is the real star of the kway chap stall. But, we can’t possible by just eating the chilli…..sigh…

guang liang cooked food kway chap 1

Guang Liang Cooked Food – Kway Chap

Address: Bedok Reservoir Road Food Centre

Blk 630 #01-35
Bedok Reservoir Road
Singapore 470630





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