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Gu Ma Jia Private Kitchen

Gu Ma Jia Private Kitchen: Home-cooked delicacies

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It is authentic, simply and home-cooked food style to entice your gastronomy when you visit Gu Ma jia si fang

Gu Ma Jia which literally translates for AuntieHouse is the creation of Mdm Chan, the popular Gu Ma known for her home-cooked food.

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Cooking is a serious business in the eyes of Gu Ma, ingredients are freshly hand-picked, she will personally supervised the kitchen activities to ensure the dishes are prepared and cooked to her stringent high expectations, the delectable home-cooked dishes has since won them the Food Fest Top 10 Favourite Restaurants for 2 consecutive years in 2010 and 2013.

Spent her early days in Pulau Ubin, Gu Ma’s passion in the kitchen continued to grow and went into business by selling chicken rice and wanton noodles. Gu Ma Jia is the results of her hard work, a Chinese restaurant serving up quality home-cooked food at current location.

Less oil and less MSG are part of the Gu Ma’s philosophy to serve healthier cooked food, coupled with the freshest materials, Gu Ma Jia has since made a name in the F&B arena.

Gu Ma Signature Traditional Bean Curd Soup $28

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We are sure you cannot find this dish easily from any of the restaurants in Singapore, it is such a simple dish that no restaurant would even consider to present on their menu. A dish that is available only from the mum’s kitchen and present in the traditional rendition, it is the simplicity that can speak volumes, this homemade bean curd tangy soup is subtle and an ingenious creation from Gu Ma’s kitchen.

Assam Fish Head

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Another novel item on the menu, the secret recipe assam curry and the freshness of the fish head created a perfect marriage for the two exceptionally well, Gu Ma Jia Assam Fish Head showcasing of a good assam curry fish head is undeniably an art of culinary skills. Another must try dish here.

Kai Lan 2 Styles (Yuan Yang) $12 $18 $24

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Yuan Yang the pairing of two identical species together to achieve the state of harmony, it is literally putting the crunchy Kailan stems and deep-fried the Kailan leaves till crispy together.

Vinegar Enzyme Jelly $5.8

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Behind the cashier counter are the displayed of the few large glass vials containing the fresh fruits going through the fermentation cycles, the anaerobic process produced the glasses of vinegar enzyme drink and jelly that believes to contain beneficial natural compound to promote the well-being of the digestive system and to eradicate various ailments. The myth of the medicinal effects has not crossed our mind but the mild vinegar and sour flavour is appetizing to the taste buds. However, how adventure for the younger generations to try and accept the health drink and dessert will remain apprehensive.

GuMa’s Dessert $4

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Claypot Wine Chicken with Ginger & Sesame Oil

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For the mothers who have gone thru the month long of confinement period after the childbirth, this dish reminisced about the mum cooked wine chicken with ginger and sesame oil. The tenderly chicken was immersed in a rich luscious broth redolent with the fragrance of the wine and bathed with the pleasant aroma of the sesame oil and ginger, a dish that will leave you with a deep impression and not easily forgotten. A must try favorites here.

Ubin Lala Bee Hoon $18

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Lovingly Curated by the chef, the dish has a comforting vibe and the flavour permeated each strand of bee hoon which is savoury and salivating.

Kyoto pork rib

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The pork rib was served in the wrapped aluminum foil, the exterior of the foil was obviously doused with wine which turned into flame when the waitress ignited with the lighter, the heat from the flame may excavate the flavour of the pork rib underneath or solely a visual effect but who care, more importantly the kyoto pork rib was tender and the flavoursome seasoning produced a nice flavour that accentuate the scrumptious tastes.

Gu Ma Jia Private Kitchen Overall Verdict:

At GuMaJia, the food is unpretentious, hearty and served with a good dose of mum’s cooked flavour. Guma has made each dish impeccably well by putting her own unique spin on the deceptively simple dishes but present in an expressive way.

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Thanks GuMaJia for the invitation.

Gu Ma Jia Private Kitchen

Address: 45 Tai Thong Crescent Sennett Estate Singapore 347866

Telephone: 6285 2023 Fax: 6285 6367




Weekdays: 11am to 2.30pm, 5.30pm to 10pm.

Weekends and PH: 11am to 10pm

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