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Green Delight Yong Tau Fu @ Westgate: Fresh, Good and Value for Money

Green Delight Yong Tau Fu @ Westgate: Fresh, Good & Value for Money

Yong Tau Fu may be considered a healthier food even there could be quite a numbers of deep fried items on display, at least, you have plenty of green, soy-based and white meat products to choose from, on the other hands, there is practically no red meat and few processed food that are detrimental to your health on the menu.

Green Delight Yong Tau Fu is a HALAL certified eatery located at the basement of Westgate Jurong,

Good Yong Tau Fu must be fresh, succulent fillings and served in a delectable soup based, and we are glad to say that Green Delight Yong Tao Fu has fulfilled every aspect of the requirements.

Minimum 7 pieces for $5.60 or 6 pieces with noodle of choose for the same price, array of choices are available from the green, mushroom, fish meat or chicken meat stuffed items to many of soy-based Items. The fillings are generous come with fish or chicken meat mixed with carrot, water chestnut, spring onion etc for the extra layer of flavour and texture.

The signatures are the fried long beam wrapped in the meat filled wrap and the bitter gourd that filled with palatable meat filling. We tried a wide variety of the items on display and glad to say that none of it found to be inferior in taste, texture or freshness.

You can request the Yong Tau Fu to serve deep fried in dry or just with soup if you prefer something healthier.

The clear soup base Yong Tau Fu was full of flavour, you can truly appreciate the fragrance from the soy bean and the nice sweetness in every sip of the soup.

The curry gravy version was equally good with it richness of curry flavour and the neutral spicy level.

Besides the Yong Tau Fu, Green Delight Yong Tau Fu serves noodles dishes as well. Unfortunately there is so much our stomach can accommodate and hope to try other dishes in our future visits.

Our Verdicts

Green Delight Yong Tau Fu is definitely one of the good Yong Tau Fu shop to patronize for it fresh, generous, good and value for money Yong Tau Fu, don’t miss the bittergourd and long bean wrap, two of the nice and unique Yong Tau Fu from the stall.

We travelled all the way from the East to the West just for this stall and we are glad it worth the trip.

Green Delight Yong Tau Fu

A: 3 Gateway Drive #B2-K15/16 Westgate Singapore 608532

H: 11am to 10pm (Daily)



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