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Grand Mandarin Restaurant, Singapore New Bridge Road 御华庭 – Gather for Fine Dining

Grand Mandarin Restaurant, Singapore New Bridge Road 御华庭 – Gather for Fine Dining

Grand Mandarin Restaurant is the latest to jump onto the Fine Chinese Cuisine bandwagon, with its new establishment in the city area. Opened in the last two months, the restaurant is strategically located right next to the MRT station and is surrounded by offices and shop houses, with an open car park next to the restaurant. No problems with accessibility at all – definitely an ideal location for an F&B establishment!

We were invited to sample the fine dining menu that comes with a price tag of $174++ per pax.

Honey Glazed Barbecued Pork Loin ($15 per order)

Every famous restaurant must have their signature dish. For Grand Mandarin Restaurant, it is the Honey Glazed Barbecued Pork Loin. The crimson red roasted meat was glistening with a fine layer of oil, with a lovely light charring from the caramelization of the honey; it was aesthetically pleasing and appealing.

grand mandarin 1

The mouth-watering meat was utterly delicious and spectacular. The crispy caramelized skin and the perfectly marinated and roasted meat were heavenly. My wife responded swiftly that she would like to be back for this roast meat, to which I fully agreed – true to our Glutton selves!

The food presentation was impeccable, with each dish aesthetically enticing. Helmed by Chef Nicky Ng, who has traveled around the world and worked for many famous restaurants both here and in the West, he has perfected his culinary skills and is well recognized and endorsed by many.

Grand Mandarin Foie Gras and abalone combinations platter ($58 per pax)

While considered delicacies, not everyone loves foie gras or abalone. I am personally more partial to foie gras than abalone but the opposite is true for my wife.

grand mandarin 2

The combination platter also includes the wasabi mayo prawn and curry flavoured soft shell crab. This was the most expensive dish amongst all but sometimes price does not correlate to taste – I found that the foie gras was lacking in charred fragrance and the abalone a little too hard in its texture.

Double-boiled chicken soup with nassarius and gastrodia tuber ($20++ per pax)

The double-boiled soup was packed with quality herbs and seafood. Each sip immersed us in a potent and luscious broth.

grand mandarin 3

Grilled lamb ribs with egg in Mongolian style ($48++ per pax)

grand mandarin 4

One of the more unique dishes we have tried, the lamb ribs were grilled to a perfection, topped with a lava egg that when pierced and flowing over the lamb, coated the well grilled lamb chop with its gooey yolk added another dimension to the taste – a delicate and exquisite flavour.

grand mandarin 5

“Yuan Yang” Tofu accompanied with stir-fried Kai Lan and scallop ($38++ per pax)

 “Yuan Yang” (Chinese Mandarin Duck) symbolizes happiness and love and represented by the two Australian scallops which were fresh and sweet, together with the Kai Lan (Vegetable) nested in a nest. Pumpkin and spinach sauce at the bottom added some flavour to the overall taste. Tasted good but just not too much of innovation there – an ordinary dish.

grand mandarin 6

Chilled bean curd pudding with Mango puree served with coconut ice cream ($10++ per pax)

The traditional mango pudding was given a further twist with the inclusion of melt-in-your-mouth soybean curd. Good innovation and harmonized well with the main courses.

grand mandarin 7

Overall, Grand Mandarin presented each dish impeccably in terms of both taste and aesthetics – if you enjoy fine Cantonese cuisine which is ubiquitous throughout Singapore, it’s worth considering the Grand Mandarin as your next destination!

Notably, this is one of the restaurants locally that serves the costly Empurau fish (忘不了) as part of its menu. Indigenous to Sarawak in Malaysia, empurau is perhaps the most expensive edible fresh water fish you can find in Singapore, with a hefty price tag of S$800 to $1000 per kg – a price that’s hard for us to swallow but we’re sure will definitely find its niche!

grand mandarin 8

Grand Mandarin Restaurant 御华庭, Singapore @ New Bridge Road – Gather for Fine Dining

Add: 325 New Bridge Road, #01/02-00, Singapore 088760

Tel: +65 6222 3355 Hrs: 11:30AM-2:30PM & 6:30PM-10PM







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