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Good Food at Tanglin Halt Food Centre

Tanglin Halt Food Centre is probably one of the oldest market and food centre in Singapore. The food centre is surrounded by the HDB built in the 60s and with less than 30 cooked food stalls serving the small community.

This tiny food centre has been accompanying the residents for more than half of the century. Tanglin Halt Food Centre may be small but it never lacked of the good food, we found our way here not just for the food but trying to feel this old town before the government En Bloc Re-Development Plan kicks in.

tanglin halt food centre 3a

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It is not a myth but rather a common phenomenon that good hawker foods only can be found in those old food centres and that’s go no exception for Tanglin Halt Food Centre.

Here are some of the more popular one we have tried.

Wei Yi Laska and Prawn Noodle

wei yi laksa and prawn noodle 3

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Tian Shui Hainan Chicken Rice

Tian Shui Hainan Chicken Rice 5

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Tanglin Halt Original Peanut Pancake

Tanglin Halt Original Peanut pan cake 3

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Tanglin Halt Delicious Duck Noodle

Tanglin Halt delicious duck noodle 2

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Seng Lor Mee

Seng mei si hao wei tau lor mee 2

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We realized this food centre has introduced the Tray Return Campaign as well, it is great to see some of the patrons have taken the initiative by returning the trays at the collection points.

tanglin halt food centre 5a

That reminded me the recent Japanese fans gracious behavior during the World Cup held at Brazil, everyone of them diligently cleaned up their own left over after the match even in the foreign land, the actions touch the world and a culture that well respected by the world. In fact, return tray is fairly common not just in Japan but in Europe and USA as well, it has formed part of their social behaviour in those part of the world.

However, we fully understand it will take time to educate Singaporean in order to change a deep-rooted habit of depending the cleaners to do the clean up. We believe no one would like to see the messiness of the tables filthy with food waste, dirty utensils and squalid environment that morally repulsive in nature.

tanglin halt food centre 4a

The tight labour market has posed a big challenge to convince Singaporean work as the cleaners, most of the time we have to rely on foreign workers to fill in the gaps, so, supporting Tray Return campaign directly help to improve the productivity and at the same time help to promote a more gracious society, so why not?

tanglin halt food centre 1a

For The Glutton Family, we will continue to do our part to return the tray and we hope you do as well.

Tanglin Halt Market and Food Centre
Address: 1A Commonwealth Drive, Singapore 141001

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