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Good Food at 207 Bedok Central Food Centre

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My relationship with Bedok started when I was in my secondary education, it is a town that had accompanied me gone through my teen age and adulthood, a place incubated lots of my laughter and sadness, the up and down….it is a town always has a special sentimental values in me even though I have left her decades ago.

Bedok Central Food Centre – a place that had been my favorite dining venue and made my countless visits when I was a “Bedoker”. A place had been feeding my stomach and satisfying my food craving for years. If you are the fans of this popular eatery place, the food centre at Block 207 Bedok Centre has now found a new place continues its legacy – the new food centre has opened its door to the public with bigger, cleaner and comfortable environment!

Can’t wait to see the new food centre and I dragged my family there right the next day when the food centre opened its doors to the public.

The new food centre has high ceilings with high-volume, low-speed fans to keep the place cool, Free Wifi and cashless payments (NETS) are another two new features available in this food centre.

Food lovers who have long been fans of the food centre can heave a sigh of relief – most of their favourite stalls are reopened at this new food centre. Not much change in the food quality but you got to prepare to pay a little more this round, most of the stalls up their price tag by ten to fifty cents.

The new food centre do welcome some new players, examples the Prawn mee and noodle stalls. If you are not sure what to eat, you can try the following popular stalls that are well received by the public.

Song Zhou Luo Bo Gao fried carrot cake: 松洲箩卜糕

Song Zhou fried carrot cake 3

Overall, Song Zhou fried carrot cake was tasteful and the soft texture of the radish made the carrot cake kind of alluring to the taste buds. May not be the best fried carrot cake but 30 over years of experience in frying the fried carrot cake and the queue could be a good endorsement of their standard.

We known Song Zhou is more popular with its black carrot cake and no reason not to try it out. The black carrot cake was quite heavy on the sweet sauce and may be a little of overpower in the sweetness, we are not so much fancy sweet stuff, may be toned down in the sweet sauce could be more appealing to us. However, while we prefer to reduce sweet sauce dosage, the uncle before us in the queue went for the opposite by requesting for extra sweet sauce, so, individual preference still prevail.


Gim Chew Fried Hokkien Mee 锦洲炒福建面

Gim Chew hokkien mee 6

The Hokkien Mee was sweet and rather tasty, having the mee soak up much of the seafood stock used. That said, the taste of the current Hokkien Mee cannot be compared to the ones produced by the old lady herself last time. It was also slightly lacking when it came to the smell of the wok, for it wasn’t as prominent as last time. The chilli tastes absolutely amazing; it was spicy with a slight pinch of saltiness and tanginess, creating a perfect blend with the mee. (so if you’re a chilli lover, do ask for more!)


Wak Din Mee Soto

Wak Din Mee Soto 1

The broth of the stock was scrumptious in the taste, you can taste the sweetness and flavoursome of the chicken stock, the soup was not too thick or diluted but cooked to the right level of concentration. The yellow noodle completely absorbed the essence of the stock and gave the mee soto a big boost. The shredded chicken condiment carried the aroma of the chicken soup and made it a perfect accompaniment with the noodle


Yong Hua Handmade Fish Ball Meat Ball Noodle 永华手工鱼圆肉丸面

Bedok Central 207 Food Centre 6

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There have few branches around Singapore and the standard vary from stall to stall, The chili sauce and handmade fishballs are pretty good and compared the few Yong Hua we visited, we personally still preferred the one at Bedok South Food Centre.

Hai Fa Kway Chap 海发粿汁

hai fa kway chap 6

Hai Fatt kway chap may have slightly dropped in the standard of their kway, however, the standard of all other varieties of the dishes were fortunately maintained – especially the eggs, it is simply heavenly. Do note that the price tends to be on the high side, you easily be charged five to six dollars for a person’s share.

Of course, there are a few more good food stalls that we have not included in this review with our limited stomach capacity, we shall return one of the days to complete the list.

Other popular stalls are:

Hollywood Desserts

New world Mutton soup

Chwee Kueh

Potian Wanton Noodles

Teo’s Noodles

We know this is a brand new food centre and we are sure you will like the much cleaner, airy and comfortable setting. However, a neat and clean dining environment can only be possible if everyone do their parts. When we walked around the food centre, it is dismay to see many of the tables were pile up with all the used utensils and trashes, regardless the present of the return tray counters and the stickers in front of every stall urging the patrons return the tray.

Bedok Central 207 Food Centre 1

Somehow, the efforts are not being taken too seriously, many tables were left with the used utensils and food waste, an unsightly scene so messy that undermining the good image of the brand new food centre.

Bedok Central 207 Food Centre 5

Why can’t we help to build a more graceful sociaty by returning the utensils to the return tray counters? Isn’t that a cleaner and hygienic environment help to create a more pleasing dining experience?

Bedok Central 207 Food Centre 2

I am glad my kid has been trained and understood the importance of returning the tray and clearing the trashes after dining. A practice has been deeply embedded in our mind.

Bedok Central 207 Food Centre 4

It is a brand new food centre and it needs you and me to help maintaining the cleanliness of the place. Do a bit more by returning the used utensils and clear the trashes after dining, keep the old bad habit away and make Singapore a more graceful place to live in. Isn’t that nice?

Add: 207 New Upper Changi Rd, Singapore 460207

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