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Goldhill Hakka Restaurant @ Changi – Disappointing YTF

Goldhill Hakka Restaurant @ Changi

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Yong Tau Fu is the anchored dish at Goldhill Hakka Restaurant, there are plenty of rave reviews and we decided to check it out.

There is no menu and everything on offer is written on the white board at the counter, perhaps menu is really not needed with its limited choices. Besides the Yong Tau Fu, Goldhill Hakka Restaurant offers include raw fish, Lala, steamed fish, yam nut and oyster vegetables, that’s it.

Yong Tau Fu $5 / 6 / 8 and above

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The Yong Tau Fu was not doused with additional gravy but only cooked in water and served as its original state of the typical Yong Tau Fu. Besides the freshness of the ingredients which received our endorsement, the fish paste wrapped in between the parts perhaps the most essential ingredients of the Yong Tau Fu, its determine how well the Yong Tau Fu all about.

Goldhill Hakka restaurant 3

Goldhill Hakka Restaurant makes their own fish paste, however, They seems to prefer the fish paste fillings to be firmer and reinforced of its texture with…flour?? Unfortunately, the filling somehow was a mediocre with its insipid taste, the texture was firm but it was more towards rubbery than a chewiness texture. We are not sure if something could have gone wrong in the kitchen but if this is the apotheosis what Goldhill Hakka Restaurant can offer to the customers, we will pretty sure it is a miserably dull experience for us.

Yam Nut $3 / 5 / 6

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Yam nut or more commonly known as Abacus, a traditional Hakka staple food made of yam and flour, over here the abacus was simply topped with fried shredded shrimps, cuttlefish and other seasonings, quite a contrary to the usual Abacus that fried in the wok with meat, mushroom, garlic, chili etc. May be we are too use to the norm, the topping was apparently not able to fuse sufficiently with the fairly bland abacus and was a despondent in our opinion.

Steamed Fish $28 (depends on market price and size)

Goldhill Hakka restaurant 6

Luckily, we found the solace only when the steamed Huang Hua Yu or Gelama was served, The fish was as fresh as out the the sea water, it was delicately steamed with light soy sauce and topped with spring onions and fresh shredded chili, nothing fanciful to the dressing and seasoning, however, the simplicity truly speaks of its volume, it showcased the best of the culinary skills on this dish and Goldhill Hakka Restaurant delivered the best. We truly enjoyed the tenderness and the natural sweetness of the fish and every mouthful received our strong endorsement.

Oyster Vegetables $6 / $12

Goldhill Hakka restaurant 5

Goldhill Hakka Restaurant Verdict:

It is a letdown with Goldhill Hakka Restaurant for its supposing raved about Yong Tau Fu, we cannot concur the quality of the fish paste used is good, may be it could be our perception but we are adamant the steamed fish is perhaps the only dish we could appreciate here.

Goldhill Hakka Restaurant Details

Address: 299A Changi Rd, Singapore 419777
Phone : 6842 4283
Operating Hours : 11:30AM–4PM (Closed Monday)


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