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Gina’s Vadai

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Gina’s Vadai

The review of the famous Vadai stall turned out to be an extremely unpleasant experience in our food hunting trail.

From the advertising banner prominently displayed along the staircase leading to the second level of the food centre, the Singapore famous Vadai caught our attention and we decided to explore and to validate the claim by the stall.

Gina’s Vadai

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Bedok Market Place Food Centre is one of the few owned by the private, compared to many other food centres in Singapore. We like this food centre for its spacious, clean and airy environment.  Some of the areas are specially renovated or decorated by the stall owner who took up the whole stretch of stalls and convert a corner into a nice brasserie, giving the patrons a nice and comfortable environment for dinning without the feeling of heat and messiness.

gina vadai 2

Coming back to famous Vadai stall, Vadai is an Indian staple; it is a fritter-type snack from South India. Gina’s vadai comes with different topping e.g. shrimps, ika bilis or vegetable etc, unfortunately, when we were there, the stall was left with only one to two types of vadai on display. The owner turned down our request to make other choices hence we went for those the balance which was the vegetable and the shrimp topping. Understandably maybe she would like to keep the vadai fresh and did not want to over stock.

As usual of a food blogger, I took a photo of the stall to be included as part of the post in our review. However, my action immediately triggered a harsh response from the stall owner. The stall lady immediately dashed out of the stall and yelled at me for taking the photo of the stall, and when I tried to explain to her in the courteous manner of my intention as a food blogger, she refused to accept my explanation unless I can prove my identification as a food blogger!! My God! is a family food blog, we don’t go to the extent of printing name cards to introduce ourselves wherever we go! In the end, we decided not to include the stall in our review.

gina vadai 3

The Vadai has very much dampened our mood of the day, we cannot condone the arrogant and bad attitude of the lady from the stall and likely this is the first and our last experience with the stall.

However, even with the unpleasant experience with the vadai stall, the vadai was utterly innocent; the vadai had a slight crisp exterior and the right softness interior accentuated by the nice and flavourful of the vadai, though some taste of “bitterness” still lingers in between the bites.


Gina’s Vadai

Kampung @ Simpang Bedok Bedok Market Place,

348 Bedok Road #02-17

Open 10am to 9.30pm

(Note: Bedok Market Place has been closed for business and above stall may not be operating from the address mentioned above)

iEat&Eat Team

iEat&Eat Team

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