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Gao Peng Cuisine @White Sands Pasir Ris

REVIEW: Gao Peng Cuisine 高朋点心 @ White Sands Pasir Ris

Gao Peng Cuisine 1

Gao Peng Cuisine is a new addition by the popular Koo Kee Yong Tow Foo food chain, helmed by Executive Chef Paul Peh who possesses over 20 years of culinary experience at renowned Food and Beverage establishments locally and overseas. Located in White Sands Shopping Mall, Gao Peng Cuisine provides a casual environment for those who enjoy local home-style dishes, authentic hand-made Hong Kong-style dim sum and a variety of dessert creations.

Lo Mai Kai ($4.80)

Gao Peng Cuisine 2

One of their signature dim sum. The dim sum dish featuring a savoury concoction of glutinous rice, tender chicken meat, mushroom and Chinese Sausage. Fully agree the Lo Mai Kai is very good from all aspects.

Five Spices Meat Roll ($4.80)

Gao Peng Cuisine 6

The roll was filled with well-seasoned meat and you can savour the scrumptiousness of the traditional taste Five Spices Meat.

Crispy Duck Roll ($4.80)

Gao Peng Cuisine 7

Shredded duck meat wrapped with spring roll skin and deep-fried to have a crispy exterior. Their signature dim sum but overall not impressive.

Steamed Pork dumpling (Xiao Long Pau) ($4.80)

Gao Peng Cuisine 5

One of the thinnest dumpling skin we have seen, so thin and delicate that you have to take extra caution to lift up the dumpling in order not to break the skin. Plenty of juices and flavorful filling, one of the better ones definitely.

Spicy Sichuan dumplings ($5.0)

Gao Peng Cuisine 3

My two kids’ favorite, dumplings soaked in the spicy sichuan chili oil.

Congee with Fish Slices ($6.50)

Gao Peng Cuisine 8

Big chunks of fish slices cooked with the silky smooth congee, sprinkled with pepper and few drops of soy sauce to make a healthy dish.

Congee with Century Egg and Shredded Pork ($6.20)

Gao Peng Cuisine 9

Gao Peng Cuisine handes a congee well. For a bowl of traditional Cantonese-style congee, the perfectly seasoned and impeccably smooth texture, almost dissolved grains and the fine shredded pork with century egg is just out of the world.

Baby French bean with Dried Shrimps ($12.8)

Gao Peng Cuisine 10

Crunchy baby French bean fried with dried shrimp and chili, another delicious dish that we adored here.

Wanton Noodles (Dry/Soup) ($8.80)

Gao Peng Cuisine 4

Smooth and well-seasoned noodles with tasty wanton.

Our verdict 

Gao Peng Cuisine might appear to be an ordinary Chinese restaurant in the heartland area, but most of the foods we tried were surprisingly good. If you are looking for some good quality dim sum or comfort food, Gao Peng Cuisine is a good choice.

Gao Peng Cuisine

A: #02-12/13/14 White Sands, 1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3, Singapore 518457

H: Daily: 11:00 – 22:00,

T: +65 63854901

W: Welcome to Gao Ji Food – Gao Peng Cuisine


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