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Fu Xiang Kitchen Curry Chicken 福翔咖喱鸡

Fu Xiang Curry Chicken 福翔咖喱鸡


This stall originated from a coffee shop in Bishan around the bus interchange, best known for its award winning curry chicken; the secret recipe is the special chili curry paste which is made of eight spices and ingredients accordingly to the signboard displayed at the stall.

fu xiang curry chicken 4

Fu Xiang Kitchen Curry Chicken

The serving came with two big chunks of chicken meat and a big drumstick with a potato, quite reasonable for a price of five bucks. The bowl of curry chicken looked pretty appetizing and mouth-watering. Our first impression was the really rich and creamy curry, the curry was so thick that made you feel like eating a bowl of extremely thick and creamy mushroom soup! The spiciness of the curry was quite mild, making it suitable for those non-chili lovers. If you like hot curry that can sweat you out, Fu Xiang curry may not have the kick for you.

fu xiang curry chicken 3

Besides the rich curry paste, there was coconut milk lingering in the curry, the coconut milk further boosts up the flavour to the piquant of the curry. However, we felt the curry was too overwhelming, the over richness and robustness of the curry was a tad soft for our liking, a few spoonful of grossly thick curry can be too cloying and not to mention the additional loading of calories for this sinful food.

fu xiang curry chicken 2

The chicken meat given was generous but very much lacked of the tenderness and juiciness, the chicken tasted more like frozen chicken and quite a disappointment, even the potatoes were too hard to the bite. The chef may want to keep the potatoes intact and not easily smashed for better presentation, however, by doing so it compromises the overall quality, we are skeptical if this is a wise move.

Overall, Fu Xiang Curry Chicken is very rich or too rich that it may not be easy to the stomach, the curry is aromatic but we somehow think that something is still missing or not balanced in the bowl of orangey gravy to rightfully bring up the zest of a real salivating curry.

fu xiang curry chicken 1

Fu Xiang Kitchen Curry Chicken

Address: JEM – Jurong East Mall

Level 5, Koufu food court, 8 Jurong Town Hall Road, Jurong East, Singapore 609434



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