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Fu Li Seafood zi Char (富俐海鲜)

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Fu Li Seafood zi Char (富俐海鲜)

 Fu Li Seafood 5

Some of the good zi char stalls have expanded their present by opening branches to reach more customers. Fu Li Seafood zi Char is one of the few zi Char stalls able to do so. This is one of the zi Char stalls we do patronize occasionally for some zi Char dishes.

Omelette eggs (Fu Rong eggs)

Fu Li Seafood 1

Eggs fried with mushroom, carrot and seafood. You can’t go wrong for such basis dish.

Fried French bean

Fu Li Seafood 2

The French bean was crunchy and tasty with mild spiciness from the dried chili, crispy fitters and dried shallots added as topping to enhance the flavour. We all like this dish.

Three eggs spinach soup 

Fu Li Seafood 4

Sometime it is difficult to imagine who came out with this brilliant idea by putting three different types of eggs, the salted eggs, century eggs and the ordinary eggs together with the vegetable and able to whip up a nice soupy dish. The essence of the eggs and the anchovy fish as well as the sweetness of the Chinese spinach can be tasted in every spoonful of the soup. A dish you should not miss.

Fried prawn with salted eggs

Fu Li Seafood 10

The prawn was coated with batter, salted eggs, curry leaf and fresh chili mixture, deep fry to achieve a golden brown and crispy crust. The coating was crispy but too thick and hard, the fragrance of the salted egg was not intense to perk up the appetite. Overall, not worth the trying.

Fu Li Seafood 7 

Hot plate Tofu

Fu Li Seafood 6

Hot plate Tofu is one of the must order dish when we go for Zi Char, so far, most of the hot plate tofu we tasted have not live up to the mark. Ingredients are mostly standard with eggs, tofu, minced meat, vegetable and mushroom. The challenge to make a good Hot plate Tofu is much relied on the sauce, however, Fu Li Seafood unable to make the difference and what we can say this was another ordinary Hot Plate Tofu.    

Prawn Roll

Fu Li Seafood 8

Last minutes order just to satisfy our craving of the dish knowing this is one of the signatures from Fu Li Seafood. It was coated with flour and deep fried to create a crispy crust, the prawn roll never failed us, the crispiness and the content was packed with real prawn paste and not flour. We can fully appreciate the sweetness of the prawn and the flavourful seasoning. A must try.

 Fu Li Seafood 9

If you are looking for a Zi Char stall with reasonable food quality and price, Fu Li Seafood can be one of the good choices.

 Fu Li Seafood 3

Fu Li Seafood zi Char (富俐海鲜)

Address: Block 138, Tampines Street 11, #01-116, Singapore 521138


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