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Fresh Norwegian Salmon for Prosperity Yu Sheng Review

Fresh Norwegian Salmon for Prosperity Yu Sheng

Lunar new year is just around the corner and time for the families, friends and business associates gather to ‘lo hei’, tossing the yu sheng celebrating for a prosperous New Year and to a good fortunes. In the plate, freshly sliced raw fish are added to the shredded vegetables, and salmon is probably one of the most common fish used in this occasion. Why added the fish? Fish has been synonymous with wealth amongst the Chinese for its close association in the pronunciation with “yu”, meaning extra wealth and symbolizes abundance.

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Freshly flown in from the cold, clear waters of Norway, Norwegian Salmon has earned a special place in Chinese New Year celebrations with its delectable taste and vibrant red colour, which symbolises happiness and luck – making it the perfect accompaniment for the traditional ingredients of Yu Sheng.

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Norwegian Salmon features a fresh, tasty and smooth flavor that is enjoyed every day by Singaporeans, making it the preferred choice of fish from home to cafe and restaurants. In face, more than 90% of the fresh salmon available in Singapore is imported from Norway, flown in within 48 hours from harvest.

Norwegian Aquaculture

As a seafood nation, Norway is blessed with a long coastline of fjords surrounded by cold Arctic waters that consist of the right currents and temperatures, making them ideal for farming salmon. Producing more than 65% of the world’s Atlantic salmon that is raised in pristine, cold, clear waters, Norway is responsible for serving up 13 million Norwegian Salmon meals everyday in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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Norwegian fish farms adhere to regulations that imposes the world’s strictest control systems and advanced environmental measures to ensure responsible fish farming is practiced:

# Fish Safety & Health: The nets are deep and widely spaced out from one another to avoid overcrowding. Close monitoring on the waters’ oxygen level, currents and temperature is carried out 24/7

# Environmental Care: The fish farms follow strict schedules to allow farms rest periods to ensure that the waters and surrounding marine environments are not polluted;

# Regulated Checks: Various government bodies conduct regular inspection of the fish farms to ensure that environmental measures are taken and safety rules are adhered to.

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Health Benefits of Norwegian Salmon

Norwegian Salmon contains a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids, which helpsto reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Other essential nutrients found in Norwegian Salmon include proteinvitamin A, vitamin Dvitamin B12iodine.

Develops and strengthens muscles, cells and organ Promotes healthy cardiovascular function, enhances brain development Improves eyesight, increases resistance to infections Accelerates the absorption of calcium and phosphates for optimal functioning of immune systems Helps in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, promotes growth and formation of nerve cells Enhances metabolism by regulating important hormones

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Norwegian Salmon is well known for its superior quality and taste, it is a fish to be considered in the coming Yu Sheng Lo Hei.

On behalf of NORWEGIAN SEAFOOD COUNCIL, DUNBAR JONES & ASSOCIATES and IEATANDEAT, We wish you a prosperous Lunar new year and Huat ah! (Prosperous in dialect)

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This post is presented to our readers in collaboration with NORWEGIAN SEAFOOD COUNCIL and DUNBAR JONES & ASSOCIATES.


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