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Fresh Fruits Lab (FFL) @ Changi Road – Dissecting Food in the Lab

Fresh Fruits Lab (FFL) @ Changi Road

Fresh Fruits Lab (FFL) is a themed Bar & Bistro cafe designed in a subtle laboratory style. Need to refresh the periodic table that is painted on the wall? Meddle with test tubes and lab apparatus that come with the drinks? Not stimulating enough? How about knives and forks served to you in a surgical tray?

Don’t worry, the bright and colourful lab will make the atmosphere cozy. So, ready to dissect the food and start the experiment?

Messy Breakfast $17


It was intentionally messy, with truffle-infused scrambled eggs with English Muffin,  roasted sweet potatoes, bacon wrapped pineapple, oxford sausage served with sundries tomatoes and fruit veggies salad. So many things in the plate is the best to fill a growling stomach. The thinly-sliced bacon wrapped pineapple was a great match; can you imagine how salivating it is to have a juicy pineapple with the well grilled bacon? We didn’t mind having a few more. Other items in the plate were also good and should be a suitable dish for everyone.

Bangers and Mash $14 (exclusively for weekends and PH only)


Oxford sausages with mashed potatoes, topped with grape sauce. The two Oxford sausages were nice but the paired with the small portion of the mashed potatoes, which was pathetic. Calling it a dish does not justify the price we paid. Not recommended.

Softshell Crab Pasta $19


Crispy soft shell crab in homemade chili crab sauce topped with arugula. The sauce geared towards the sweet side with very mild spiciness, taste was fine but the familiar chili crab flavour was not at all distinct. Maybe this is their unique improvised version of chili crab sauce but we are too used to the chili crab flavour.

Chicken Spicy Aglio Olio $18


Choice of chicken or prawn with bacon and Korean chilli flakes. A spicy version of Aglio Olio dish but probably the tastiest dish among the four dishes we had tried. Chicken was tender and juicy, the sauce was packed with flavour and worth a try.

Truffle Fries $12


Big portion but the French fries could be of a better quality to match up to the truffle.

Lychee Cake $7


Lychee puree mousse with vanilla sponge. The mousse was overwhelmed by the vanilla sponge cake with inappropriate ratio, white chocolate topping was way too sweet for all of us. We hardly leave dessert unfinished but this is an exception.

Our verdict

Food at Fresh Fruits Lab (FFL) are good in general, the pasta, Aglio Olio and messy breakfast are worth a try, As the name suggests, Fresh Fruits Lab is all about experimenting and we have done the dissections here, luckily, there was no smoke, no bloody cut but some good discoveries, so, more lab works in future? We think so.

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