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Foodpanda – Online Food Delivery portals

Foodpanda – Online Food Delivery portals

The modern society has unknowingly changed our dinning culture, from the traditional home cooked food to the popular fast food, hawker centres, food courts, restaurants and Cafes. From dine in to take away and now to have the food delivered conveniently to the door steps.

Foodpanda is one of the online food delivery portals that enables its customers to order food from the listed restaurants and get it delivered to their homes or offices. This is a one-stop food delivery service for all.

You can order practically everything through the online portal, from Pizza, burgers, Chinese food, Japanese food, Indian food, Halal food or even vegetarian food. There are more than 150 participating food outlets in Singapore alone to provide you variety of choices to fulfil the appetite of different taste buds.

Foodpanda is also available as a free application for Android and iOS devices. The application offers great features such as the possibility of saving favourite restaurants and orders. Ordering process is relatively easy and friendly. Four steps are all your need.

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1. You search for the restaurants nearer to your delivery location.

2. Choose the restaurants and type of food that you like.

3. Place your orders and pay.

4. Wait for the food to be delivered.

That’s it!

Not sure about the food quality of the restaurants? You can view the customer feedback for the service and food quality to help in your decision. We found this feature is really helpful, at least it help to shed some light the standard of the restaurant and the food quality.

Another good feature from Foodpanda is providing consistent updating of the information to keep you informed if the restaurant operating status and offers you to pre-order if the restaurant are closed.

We ordered some of the cooked dishes from one of the Chinese restaurants to test the services. We are quite impressed the food was delivered right on time and surprisingly the food was still warm!

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We like Foodpanda for its simple and friendly application which makes food ordering a pleasant experience. So, next time if you having some surprise guests in the house for dinner? Or wonder what food to prepare for a get-together party? Or may be not in the mood of cooking? Foodpanda is a place you can turn to for help.

Do try it out at the link mentioned below and also look out the free giveaway vouchers on our Facebook sponsored by Foodpanda.  Good Luck!

Web: www.foodpanda.sg/

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