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Why food lovers should buy foodie deals online?


Why food lovers should buy foodie deals online?

What makes a foodie? Easy! If you love eating and splurging on your favourite cuisine, restaurant, “bite’’ or admire anything food related– you are a foodie. Be it a hobby or a profession, getting a discount on your favourite restaurant (or meal) is definitely what a lot of foodies would appreciate. Let’s check the top 3 reasons why foodie deals are awesome–plus simple ways on how you can obtain them.


It’s easily attainable!

Like most people, browsing the internet or scrolling through Facebook is a past time a lot people like doing. It’s so convenient that there are a ton of apps that have exciting online merchants for clothing, sports, pets and most importantly food. That being said, there are a lot of online restaurants, food vendors and other food related brands that have their own app.

So, if you’re looking for an awesome site that host these foodie deals you can easily get them through online coupon sites. Just search for coupon codes of your favourite food delivery service or restaurant and you’ll find quite a number of them online.


Great bargains everywhere

Online food merchants are a lot like a bargain-counter. Why do we think that? Well, a great example would be Foodpanda Singapore, where you can order your favourite food from your favorite eatery. Promotions include selected credit card offers, where you swipe your credit card on Foodpanda and enjoy up to 10% off.

Other foodie bargains can be found on Fave Singapore, (formerly known as Groupon) where it has a lot of restaurant deals such as cash vouchers and buffet deals with a discount of up to 50% off. These discounts can also be found here.


Great choice for a night in

Although it would be nice to go out to have dinner, sometimes staying in and binging on Netflix is a choice people fancy instead of going out. So since everything is available with a click of a finger, you can get your favourite chow time online.

Besides, these online food apps have special promotions that you can use anytime, and it’s easily accessible too!



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