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Fong Kee Delicacies – Pan Fried Dumplings 冯记小食

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Fong Kee Delicacies – Pan Fried Dumplings 冯记小食

Chinese Dumpling – jiao zi (饺子) & Guo tie (锅贴)

Do you know what is the difference between jiao zi (饺子) & Guo tie (锅贴)?

They are the same except Guo tie (锅贴) is a pan fried version of the Jiao Zi (饺子). Got it?

Fong Kee Delicacies – Pan Fried Dumplings

Fong Kee dumpling 1


Chinese dumpling is a communal dish widely available in the northern China, be it the Chinese dumpling, Japanese Gyoza or Korean dumpling, the fillings are rather similar, usually wrapped in vegetable (chives and always chives), meat (chicken or pork) or a mixture of the two, different finishing can be done by boiling, steaming or pan fried, all are eaten with a dipping sauce made of fine shred ginger and light soy sauce.

Fong Kee dumpling 2

My son has a soft spot for pan fried dumpling, we had tried many pan fried dumplings to satisfy his insatiable appetite on this delicacy, and so far we have tasted a few good one but will share later on.


However, this stall at the Seragoon Garden Food Centre (very near to Chomp Chomp)- Fong Kee Delicacies is my son’s favorite and he insists we must write about it first and give a 5 stars rating! The stall specialised in Chinese dumplings, rice cake, dough skin soup and zha jiang noodles. The pan fried dumplings were perfectly done with slight charred and a nice crispness on the dumpling skin, the dumpling skin was thin and the right juiciness of the fillings coupled with the endearing flavour make Fong Kee a real hidden gem in the food centre.

Fong Kee dumpling 3

By the way, we all agreed the dumplings deserved our recommendation but we too have a heated debate on the rating. Finally, we resort to the democratic poll to arrive with the final verdict.

foong kee dumplings 4

Fong Kee Delicacies

Address: Serangoon Garden Food Centre,

49A Serangoon Garden Way, #12, Singapore 555945

Operating Hours: Mon.-Sun. 11:00am -8:30pm



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