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Flock Cafe (CLOSED)

Flock café  (Permanently Closed)

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From their first cafe at Tiong Baru to the opening of the second new outlet at Ghim Moh estate, Flock Cafe joins the neighborhood shops in the heartland areas. Simple and straightforward are the best to illustrate the down-to-earth Flock cafe, basis setup and nothing too fanciful but simplicity does has it charm, it is a place for the man on the street to take a break and enjoying a meal in a relaxing environment at any time.

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Flock cafe understand well the competition out there, not to be put on the same balance, they try to add on some weigh to differentiate themselves by twisting the menu and inject some local fair on top of the western flavour, a courage’s move indeed. 

Pork Cheek Rigatoni with shaved Parmesan and Basil $14
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There was a discernible layer of oil seemingly coming from the chucks of the stewed pork, we all know well lard tend to elevate the flavor of the food substantially and that made no exception for this dish. The pork was nicely stewed to attain a nice tender texture and flavor, it went well with the Rigatoni, the dish could have been better if the Rigatoni can be a little softer and not flooded with the saturated fat. Otherwise, we actually think the dish was quite scrummy, my son gobbled down the major share disregarding the sinfully nice dish; anyway, young man can well afford the extra cholesterol.

Homemade Nonya Prawn and Fish Patty Sandwich $15

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The fish and prawn patty evinced a strong Nonya distinctiveness, flavour of lemongrass, mint and other peranakan spices were prominent. The patty was sandwiched by the Ciabatta buns and embellished with the shredded purple slaw marinated in a coleslaw resemble cream. The bun was toasted to a light crisp exteriorly and retained the softness of the bun internally, it complemented well with the sauce and purple slaw, the patty seems to be taking the back seat in this dish.

Pasta sautéed prawn & Dried shrimp linguine with spring onion & chili Padi $14

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The innovation found its way into the pasta dish as well, no creamy cheese or tomatoes gravy but pasta fried with hei bee or fried shrimp with chili and spices. The Aglio olio was surprisingly enthralling with its East and West fusion style.


We were served with the Banana Toffee Cake, Cheese cake and Lemon tart.

 Banana Toffee Cake $5.5

 flock cafe 10

Moist and dense but the layer of top toffee cheese cream frosting was a tad too sweet, we have to scrape it off so not to be masked by the sweetness from the cheese cream. 


American Cheese Cake $7

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Light cheese and harmonized well with the lemon piquancy was a slice of cake to please the taste buds. However, a few more drops of lime juice perhaps will perk up the flavour and add more zest to the slice of the cake.

Lemon Tart $7

 flock cafe 9

We concurred this is the best amongst the three desserts that we tried, intensity of sourness from the fruity flavour blended well with the custard filling and complemented by the buttery crust. Nice!

Flat White and Green Tea Coffee

flock cafe 6

Flock uses Liberty Coffee and that gives some assurance to the quality of the drinks. Both the Flavour were smooth and nice nutty aroma. The green tea coffee was unique with the added green tea flavour on top the coffee bean.

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Our verdict, the amalgamation of the Asian flavour into many of the dishes make it a little quirk to Flock Cafe, coupled with the commendable food quality and friendly staff, it makes Flock Cafe a homely, warm and friendly place for everyone.

Thanks Nicolas for the invitation. 

Flock cafe

Add: 21 Ghim Moh Road, 01-213, Singapore 270021

Hrs: 9am to 6pm (Tuesday to Sunday)

Tel:  6710-7804

Tiong Bahru

78 Moh Guan Terrace #01-25 Tiong Bahru Estate, Singapore 162078

Hrs: Daily, 08:00 – 18:00






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