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Food Review: Fishball Story (RELOCATED)

Fishball Story @ Golden Mile Food Centre NUS: Not so nice story..

Note: Stall has been moved to the new location at Timbre+ ! Refer the new address.

Updated on 14 Nov 2016

Our recent visit to the Timbre+ outlet is a disastrous experience, we couldn’t believe the standard drop so much that we went back a week later to verify our beloved noodle stall thinking it could be a one time mishaps, unfortunately the second visit reaffirmed the first time bad experience, the used to be our top favorite fishball noodles has our hearts completely shattered. What happened to The FishBall Story?? 

We will publish another updated review soon on The Fishball Story. What mentioned below is already a past story…sigh….

Fishball Story caught our attention during the Ultimate Hawker Festival – a charitable event organized by Touch Community Services. Invited famous hawkers showcased their culinary skills to raise fund for the less fortunate.

fishball story 1

The event was held at Suntec City and was a big challenge to those hawkers constraint by the venue to whip out a bowl of alluring noodle with the makeshift setup; however, we are surprised Fishball Story had not compromised the standard or the taste of the noodle! Indeed, we are pretty impressed with the tantalizing bowl of the mee pok! In fact, we went for repeat order.

fishball story 2

We determine to check it out at its birth place – Golden Mile Food Centre and to support the young man behind this much rave about fishball noodle.

The mee pok was equally impressive with the excellent base sauce and noodle texture at the stall. The well blended sambal chilli and the lard boosted the flavour significantly, the taste is definitely not one-dimensional and you can fully enjoy the zest of a good fishball mee pok here.

fishball story 3

Besides the excellent noodle, the Fishball and fish cake from the grandma recipe was unanimously deserved a big thumb up from all of us as well. It was packed with genuine quality fish meat and not the flour induced cost reduction fishball and fish cake.

fishball story 4

Our verdict, obviously, my son was fully enjoyed the bowl of the noodle, when I asked him what is really a good bowl of fishball noodle? He gave me an answer with just one word “Shiok” Well, it may be difficult to explain explicitly what can be considered a bowl of good fishball noodle, perhaps it is the noodle that you are greatly satisfied with all aspects and enjoy to the fullest, or a bowl of noodle that is simply Shiok.

Thanks Douglas Ng for the fantastic bowl of fishball Noodle, you have the Fishball Story to tell the world and we are more than happy to continue listening of your story.

Fishball Story @ Golden Mile Food Centre 

A: 505 Beach Road #01-85 Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore 199583

2 College Avenue West #02-01, Stephen Raidy Center, University Town @ NUS, Singapore 138607

Timbre+, #01-14, 73A Ayer Rajar Crescent Singapore 139957

H: Mon to Sun 8.30am – 8pm Monday to Saturdays, 8am to 6pm




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