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Where To Find Good Food in Bangkok? Part 4 – Chatuchak Weekend Market & Chinatown

Bangkok 73

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Chatuchak weekend market is well-known for its size (8000 booths) and sheer variety of goods. A map will come in handy to help you navigate in this maze especially when you lost the orientation. (We bet you will!)

Bangkok 74

There is a makeshift dining place houses quite a lot of stalls selling various local food. We took the opportunity to sample many of the local street food here.

Bangkok 123

Grilled Squids (The Sotong / Cuttlefish was tender and nice)

Bangkok 75

Grilled pork and sausages

Bangkok 77

Fried mushroom, spring rolls (all items were not crispy and cold, not recommended)

Bangkok 78 Bangkok 81

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Turkey wrap

Bangkok 76

Thai noodle (Average)

Bangkok 79

Tapioca cake

Similar to our green colour Tapioca cake from the Pasar Malam (Night Market), worth to try.

Bangkok 80

Bangkok 82


Roasted pork, chicken wings and fried chicken skin

Inside the market and not with the makeshift stalls, a munch to have a feel about the roasted and deep fried items.

Bangkok 85

Coconut Ice Cream 35thb/S$1.40 

 Bangkok 88

Supposed to be the famous one evidently from the snaking queue lining up patiently under the scorching sun, high expectation sometime can turn dismay and regrettably the coconut ice cream here turned out to be the worst amongst those we have tried so far.

Bangkok 87

Bangkok 86

Coconut was too ripe and hard, ice-cream was coarse and ….Ok, the only plus point is the extra coconut drink giveaway that comes with every purchase of the ice cream. If you are really looking for the real good Coconut Ice Cream, the one at Chinatown is by far much superior.

There is another stall selling tastier Coconut Ice Cream opposite the stall selling Roasted pork, chicken skin and chicken wings if you don’t plan to visit Chinatown. Look up for this stall.

Bangkok 83

Bangkok 84

It’s took us hours walking through just part of the market and the exhaustion has slowly crept into our aching legs, perhaps time to bid farewell to Chatuchak and really to embark on our next destination.

Bangkok has never been a boring place, unwilling to miss out the temptation, we opted to the Bangkok Chinatown again to experience the night activities and the frenetic street food.

The Tuk Tuk was a fun ride vrooming in between the standstill traffic, cutting through the back alleys and occasionally went against the traffic to bring you safely to the destination. What a thrilling experience and you should try at least once in Bangkok.

We had last round of dinner at the T & K Seafood in a restaurant setting and now we headed for the road side seafood stall to compare the standard. R & L Seafood is just right opposite T & K Seafood at a frantic junction, mainly make up as a makeshift road side open air stall with tables and chairs occupying the pavement. They do have an air conditioned room but seriously, how often you got a chance to dine at road side back in Singapore? Go with the local and experience road side dining, explore and enjoy the culture differences.


R & L Seafood or Rut & Lek Seafood

Bangkok 95

Seabass Baked in Salt in Foil 300thb/S$12

Bangkok 89

Fish was fresh and tender, simply grilled using salt and truly enjoyed the goodness of the fish. Sizable fish that worth the value.

Tom Yum Soup 150thb/S$6

Bangkok 93

This is so far the better one we came across in this few days, the quintessential Thai aroma shape this classic Thai soup giving it a legendary punch, the use of better quality ingredients and seasoning result in a bowl of tangy, spicy and authentic Thai iconic soup. A few notches up compared to the Tom Yum soup from T & K Seafood.

Shark fin soup 300thb/S$15

Bangkok 90

The soup was not able to highlight the essence of a good typical Shark fin soup.

Stir-Fried Water Mimosa 100thb/S$4

Bangkok 91

Stir-fried Mimosa is something less common in Singapore, fried with the garlic, chilli and fermented bean paste, the taste and feel of the texture were not able to inject the excitement in our taste buds. You can give it a try but adherence to something more familiar probably a safer choice when come to selection of the green on the menu.


Bird nest with Ginko nut 200thb/S$8

Bangkok 94

Sugary sweet and we have to add extra ice cube to dilute the sweetness. The Ginko was really good but bird nest was a question mark, it lacked of the smoothness and fine texture of a bird nest and we will more incline to just have a bowl of Ginko nut for the dessert.

Overall, compared the T& K Seafood versus R & L Seafood, objectively, R & L Seafood got our full endorsement from the overall food quality, price is more or less comparable to T& K Seafood.


Address: Phadung Dao Rd, Yaowarat Rd

Hours: Mon-Tue, 7pm – 3:00am; Wed-Thurs 9pm -12mn; Fri-Sun 6pm – 2:45am

Eating so much of the stuff and there is no better way than eating something can aid to the digestive system in breaking down all the carbohydrates and cholesterol saturated foods. We had our fibre intake daily thanks to the road side push cart fruit stall, sound adventure of going after all the road side stalls but isn’t that the best way to experience the local food culture?

Bangkok 12

Bangkok 63

The cut fruit eg. Pineapple was very sweet and juicy, a must try here. Jumbo was equally good, likewise the Mango, watermelon, papaya and guava, all worth to eat. (Note: Buy from those stalls with proper cover and not exposed to open air for hygiene propose).

Bangkok 13

Push cart stall selling freshly squeezed local orange and pomegranate fruits can be found in every corner of the streets. If you like sweet fruit juice, both should fulfil your wish. To us, both are just a tad too sweet.

Ok. Enough for Day 4.

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