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Where To Find Good Food in Bangkok? Part 2 – Bangkok Chinatown

Bangkok 117

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Amongst Bangkok Chinese, Teochew makes up the largest population and naturally the related Teochew food culture has somehow impregnated into many parts of Capital. The free breakfast provided by the hotel serves Teochew porridge everyday, the watery porridge was beguiled with the essence of fish, minced meat or chickens, it tastes marvellously nice and we whacked one big bowl of the porridge every morning without fail before starting of the day.

Bangkok 72

Bangkok Chinatown is a place most of the tourists will visit, the stretch of Yaowarat houses the Sam Pheng Market, a place where thousands of shops clustered together and only separated with many of small alleys. It is well known for its sheer variety of cheap good and the place to go after for all the good food.

Bangkok 31

Bangkok Chinatown is a business centre and a place filled with life and energy, the buzzing traffic, human clogging alleys and all the bustling that you can imaging from the market. Looking for some local products to bring back home? Bangkok Chinatown is a good place to buy all the popular floss, dried foods, titbits, snacks and spices. The other two places are the Big C Supercenter is local supermarket opposite Central World and the Gourmet Market in Siam Paragon.

Bangkok 21

We visited the famous Golden Buddha located in the temple of Wat Traimit, short distance from the Bangkok Chinatown. This is world’s largest solid gold statue and weight more than 5.5 tons.

Bangkok 22

Address: Thanon Mittaphap Thai-China, Talat Noi, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100

Food is inseparable when you visit Bangkok Chinatown, there are lots of good eating places that can surely add some few inches to your waistline.


Hua Seng Hong Shark fin 和成豐鱼

Bangkok 37

Hua Seng Hong Shark fin serves the local Chinese food incorporated the Thai flavour in many of the dishes. This is one of the anchored restaurants in the Chinatown and highly popular amongst the tourists.


Sea Crab Stir-fried in Yellow Curry Powder 900thb/S$36

Bangkok 26

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One of the local specialties, quite a different from the red curry, the yellow curry is not spicy and taste fairly good. Price on the high side and portion was small.

Steamed River Prawn with Glass Noodle 600thb/S$24 

Bangkok 27

Another Thai specialty, the glass noodle was cooked with the river prawn which was big in size. Noodle was fine and the prawn was as tasty as expected. Again, we think the price is at the high side.


Morning Glory Stir-fried with Chili and Oyster Sauce 100thb/S$4.0

Bangkok 25

Nothing to shout about and just an ordinary dish.


Shark fin with crab meat in the red soup 500thb/S$20

Bangkok 24

Served with crab meat, scallops, shark fin, mushrooms and vegetables. It tasted reasonably good and the only dish probably value for the money considering the expensive items went into the dish.

Overall, though Hua Seng Hong Shark fin is a Chinese restaurant but it actually serves more on the Thai Chinese dishes, food are reasonable tasty and price is very affordable compared to Singapore.

Address: 371-373 Thanon Yaowarat road, Chinatown, Bangkok 10100

Tel: +66 2 222 0635

Hours: Daily 11am – 12 midnight

If  you have intention of buying the dry food, local tidbits or snacks? Lin Zhen Xiang 林真香 which is just right opposite Hua Seng Hong Shark fin is one of the popular places frequently patronised by Singaporean.

Bangkok 36

Black Canyon Coffee

Bangkok 32

After plenty of walking in Bangkok Chinatown, we have a break at the Black Canyon Coffee for a drink. The Thai Milk Tea (ask for less sugar else could be too sweet) was fragrance and smooth. Lime Frappe was so refreshing with its sweet and sour taste.

Bangkok 33


Coconut ice-cream 40thb/S$1.60

Bangkok 29

We tried at least three stalls of Coconut Ice cream at various places and the one at Bangkok Chinatown is the crown of all in our opinion. It is even better than the most famous one at Chatuchak. The wonderful taste of the coconut ice cream, perfect young coconut fresh and the right dose of the Carnation milk and well roasted peanuts was just heavenly. Looking for best Coconut Ice cream? This is where you should try. Do look for this man and his push cart.

Bangkok 30

Preserved raw seafood

Bangkok 28

You can never find this in Singapore! Preserved raw crab, mussel, prawns etc. Taste? Sorry we are not adventurous enough.


Nai Mong Hoi Thod 

Bangkok 34

It’s meant Madam Mong Fried Oyster according to Mr Top, our Thai’s Taxi driver of the day. Mr Top is a university graduate but decided to take up taxi as his vocation, a friendly young man not just our Taxi driver but also acted as our tour guide for the day, seriously, we don’t think we can find many of the places if go without him. (He can communicate in English which is a big PLUS!). Note: We have the contact listed at the Part 5 of the trip in case you like to engage his service.

Bangkok 35

Nai Mong Hoi Thod is a small shop specialized in fried oyster, we ordered the crispy version since that is the most popular dish. The portion was very small and you probably need two to three plates (may be four if my son comes along!) to fill your stomach. The omelette basically was deep fried in the wok of oil and that is how to achieve the crispiness. However, the highlight was the oyster which was fresh, fat and juicy. Love it. The price is about 70thb/S$2.8


Address: 539 Thanon Phlap Phla Chai, Bombrab Sathupai, Bangkok (Near to Yaowarat Road, just off Chaoen Krung road)

Hours: 10:30 am – 9 pm daily

Tel: 08-9773-3133, 02-623-1890
T & K Seafood

Bangkok 38

T & K Seafood is located at the junction of the famous seafood street in Bangkok Chinatown and not far from the Hua Seng Hong Shark Fin. We headed to this place right after Nai Mong Hoi Thod. (Thanks to Mr. Top led us to the place again), the restaurant occupies three story of the building but each floor is small and has very limited seating capacity.


Tom Yum Soup 100thb/S$4.0

Bangkok 39

It was a sweet smelling concoction lashings with overdosing of sourness and saltiness, the mild, tamer twist of the soup with missing the critical mass in the fiercely red chili made it loosing of the authenticity of this Iconic soup. Heavily modified to please the tourists? Unfortunately not for us.

Fried Shrimp paste roll 150thb/S$6.0

 Bangkok 41

Mixture of pork and shrimp paste and deep fried to obtain a crisp golden brown external coating, nothing too impressive.


Stir-Fried Pea Sprouts 60thb/S$2.4 

Bangkok 42

The most prevalent way of cooking the fried vegetables are adding the fermented bean paste, garlic and chilli, stir fry and serve. Wherever we ordered the green, you bet to taste the nice but monotonous flavour. Can we have some sambal for a change please?


Steam White Snapper in Spicy Garlic and Lemon Soup 300thb/S$12.0

Bangkok 43

This was the best dish we had for the dinner, fish was fresh, well seasoned and steamed to perfection. The traditional Thai Steamed fish was delightfully tangy and spicy.

Overall, we can say that T & K Seafood serves average Thai / Chinese cuisine. The steamed fish was the sublime here but leave the Tom Yum to those who love hankering Thai food but not prepared to induce sweats from chilli intolerance.

Address: 49-51 Soi Phadung Dao, Yaowarat Rd, Bangkok 10100,
Hours: Open from 4:30pm to 2am,
Tel: 01 507 5555

Another long day in Chinatown and harvested bags of tidbits and snacks to load up our luggage. Unfortunately, there are many more interesting food not yet explored but the gastronomic was overly stored and stretched. So, that’s it for the day!

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