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Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro – One of the best Halal cafe

Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro – One of the best Halal cafe

Fika is a social institution in Sweden; it means having a coffee with one’s colleagues, friends, date, or family.

When I got wind of Fika Café, I knew we had to give it a shot. How often do you come across a Swedish café (No, IKEA’s not counted) that is halal? Located right at the junction of Beach road and Arab street, a place that is popular with Middle Eastern tourists and Persian carpet merchants in the Kampong Glam area, it naturally made sense.

fika 1

(Looking for a good Halal café is always a part of our agenda to ensure we have an inclusive diversity of makan places in Singapore on our site!)

We went to the branch at Beach Road at about 6.30pm on a Saturday; sadly, by then all the inside air-conditioned seats were already taken or reserved so we had to settle for the seats outside. Quite a pity too that we didn’t get to check out the second storey as we heard that the interior of the café there was rather cosy.

fika 2

Kopparberg Pear Cider ($7.90)

Specially imported from Sweden, this is one hell of a premium pear cider you’re paying for. Thankfully it’s not too sweet and not overly gassy.

fika 9

Korvstroganoff ($17.90)

Basically creamy chicken sausage stew; this was very creamy and cheesy – a little like cheese fries, but replace those fries with strips of chicken sausage instead. Paired with some grainy white rice, the sauce went well with everything, we loved it!

fika 5

Mushroom and leek pasta ($15.90) + Additional Meatballs ($7.50)

The sauce was very creamy and cheesy like the previous dish, which might not be for everyone. (Father said it was too rich.) Even so, it wasn’t cloying after multiple mouthfuls. The bits of mushroom were juicy too, quoted by my brother, “the juice will ooze out in your mouth!”

fika 4


Meatballs ($19.50)

The meatballs were soft and loosely held together, just the way we liked it, with a handmade feel. Huge pieces too.

fika 3

“My meatballs are the best Halal ones you will find in Singapore.” The owner proclaimed confidently, and we daresay we could agree with that statement!

And the sauce was decent – although we wish we could have had more of that.

Mushroom crepe ($15.90)

fika 6

The mushrooms were very fresh and juicy, and the cheese blends well with the crepe and the mushrooms to give it that savoury taste. Our only concern is that the crepe might be a tad too oily for our liking.

fika 7

Apple crumble ($9.90)

The apple was cooked till it’s so soft it melts in your mouth, and it was tangy, not too sweet. There wasn’t a very prominent caramel flavour so those who aren’t fans of it need not worry. It was thus a pity that the ice cream spoilt the whole dessert as it made the apple crumble extremely soggy. The vanilla ice cream was mediocre too. Would have been better if the ice cream wasn’t there.

fika 8

Our verdict, Fika – it’s Scandinavian cooking that’s simple but homely and hearty – and we loved it. Meatballs are a must try!

Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro

Add: 258 Beach Rd, Singapore 199539 (on the corner of Beach Road and Arab Street)

Tel: 6396 9096


Sun-Wed 11am-10pm, last order 9pm   • (9.30pm for beverages and desserts)

Thu-Sat 11am-11pm, last order 10pm   • (10:30 for beverages & desserts)




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