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6 Dining Recommendations for Father’s Day

Father’s day dining recommendations

Planning to give your dad a good makan treat this coming Father’s day (June 15) but not sure where to go? Being a dad myself, I definitely have a little bit of insight into this! I’ve chosen a variety of places that can cater to different tastes and budgets: cafes that are suitable for families, a Chinese restaurant for those who prefer more traditional fare, as well as Halal daddies and of course, the non-meat-eaters. So, take your pick because what better way to express your gratitude to your dad than by sharing in a feast together? Wishing all fellow dads a Happy Father’s Day!

1. The Bark Cafe

Relaxing and nice environment, surrounded by plenty of greenery. Serves local delights and western food; the food quality is glorious. No air conditioning but not to worry though, the surrounding vegetation somehow creates a refreshing experience, and the ceiling fans are more than enough to keep the place cool and breezy. Eating here is truly an enjoyment.

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Barkcafe 100

2. Jin Long Seafood restaurant

A good Chinese restaurant popular amongst those staying in Bedok, most of the dishes here are fairly good in taste and is a good option for those who are budget conscious. The restaurant has both air conditioning and non air conditioning sections.

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jing long 101

3. W39

For young and hip daddies, this is a cafe located in the West of Singapore, and focuses on Western food and sweet pastries. Special local dishes eg. Nasi Lemak or Mee Siam are only available during weekends but boast real quality and taste.

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W39 11

4. SuFood

Vegetarian? Worry not, head down to Raffles City and try the newly opened Italian-fusion vegetarian cafe. It’s fresh, healthy and tasty. What the cafe serves up would probably change your opinion about vegetarian food! Banish all preconceptions of blandness and veggie overload – they’re serving up vegetarian food in a completely refreshing and accessible way.

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5. The Coastal Settlement

Stay away from the city bustle and settle for this cosy café at the end of Changi point. Indulge in the serenity and tranquility of nature as you have a nice meal with your dad.

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6. Pastilla café

Want to surprise your discerning dad with something different, and not run-of-the-mill? The top notch Moroccan Halal food here will likely impress even the pickiest of fathers.

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