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fArt tArtz Café at Singapore Expo

fArt tArtz Café at Singapore Expo

To be honest, it was the name that caught our attention.

fart tartz cafe 2

Fart Tartz is a little concept café at the Singapore expo just opposite Starbucks. Since it is relatively new, the place was rather quiet even on weekend nights with a location that’s away from the main event halls, situated at the upper level of the Expo, a place very much away from the main crowd – even the Starbucks was empty. When we were there, only a few students were taking advantage of the powerful air conditioning and quiet environment to study.

fart tartz cafe 1

Besides the name, we were also drawn by many photos of pasta in jars from Fart Tartz on Instagram as well. Who doesn’t like a little concept café, especially when you get to eat from a cute little jar?

Fusion oglio ($9.90)

Unfortunately, the Fusion oglio proved difficult to fish out from the jar. Especially so for my brother, who already struggles with a fork and spoon, found it to be a real challenge.

fart tartz cafe 5

His verdict? “It was just salty and the noodle was hard. Not nice!”

Pepper chicken linguine ($10.90)

Chicken was tasty but linguine was just average, cooked with ready-made black pepper sauce, it was nothing fancy or interesting. The greens were drizzled with my favourite sesame dressing. (Although when I went back the second time, the dressing of the greens was some brown sauce that wasn’t as tasty; guess it depends on your luck?)

fart tartz cafe 7

Hot chocolate ($5.50)

The taste of the hot chocolate was too familiar, in fact it tasted just like …MILO! May be they should just call the drink Hot Milo instead of Hot Chocolate.

fart tartz cafe 3

Chunky chicken sandwich ($7.90)

Creamy and chunky indeed, this is one filling sandwich. The toasted bread failed to deliver the extra crunch on the outside.

fart tartz cafe 4

Lychee misu ($6.80)

Interesting twist, with lychee bits and cream. The lychee juice was infused in the biscuit crumb layers, together with the lychee bits in the middle to give it an extra crunch. It also felt smoother on the throat as compared to the Earl Grey misu.

fart tartz cafe 10

Earl grey misu ($6.80)

The earl grey misu was rather disappointing not in terms of taste but rather the texture; it was very dry and the hardened chocolate in the middle did nothing to make the biscuit layer more moist.

fart tartz cafe 11

Our verdict, we suppose Fart Tartz is better known for its desserts than its mains though in truth nothing here really impressed us. So leave your high expectations at the door!

fart tartz cafe 9

“Jie Jie, are you coming here to study for your exam?” asked my brother.

“Wow… you can read my mind.” True enough I was there a week later preparing for my exam.

Our verdict – the food quality here is nothing to write home about, however, it’s still a good place to chill out with some friends, and a quiet spot to get some studying or reading done.


fArt tArtz Café at Singapore Expo

Add: 1 Expo Drive, #02-04, Singapore 486150

Hrs: Mon – Thu: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm, Fri – Sun: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm





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