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Famous JB101 Firewokz @ Bukit Batok Tower

Famous JB101 Firewokz 

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We took 40 minutes to locate this place even when we were just inches away, being tricked into two nearby buildings before we managed to find this place. GPS never seems to be helpful so before we talk about the food, let us orientate you about the directions before you lost like “sotong”.

For driving, look for WCEGA Plaza, at the carpark entrance, do not go straight into WCEGA Plaza carpark but turn right to another carpark entrance that lead you to WCEGA Tower. There is no clear sign to show you the way and you can easily miss the turn. At the carpark, take the lift to level 2 and the stall is just right next to the famous Kay Lee roast meat joint stall.

Famous JB101 Firewokz operates in an open-air food court right at the centre of the building. There is patio umbrella for every table to provide shade from sun and rain, so you can eat at peace and don’t worry too much about the weather.

One can probably deduce from the name, JB101, that it is a taste coming across the causeway, offering cheap and decent zi char food for the workers working around the areas.

White Bee Hoon $4/5/6

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You can’t expect the same high standard of Sembawang While Bee Hoon. JB101 white bee hoon gives you the basic flavour and taste, a healthier choice for you.

San Lao Hor Fun $5

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Cooked with a generous portion of Snakehead fish slices, the noodle was done with a light touch and charred flavour, perfect for the health conscious folks.

Hokkien Fried Noodle $4

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The KL type of Hokkien fried noodle – thick noodle similar to udon fried with the dark sauce. Though we are not big fans of KL style Hokkien noodle, amongst the three noodles we tried, the Hokkien fried noodle was apparently the best.

Bittergourd with Black Bean Sauce Chicken $10/15/20

famous jb101 firewokz 9

Diced chicken fried with black bean sauce and bittergourd. The slight peppery sauce was succulent in taste and the inclusion of Bittergourd makes a perfect pairing to win your heart over.

Mongolian Spare Ribs $10/15/20

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The ribs were cooked with mild spicy sauce which is unique, meat was tender, and the spicy sauce lifted up the overall taste.

Claypot Beancurd $8/12

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Plenty of veggies cooked with tofu and seafood in the claypot. The taste was simple with the heavy reliance on the seafood and veggies to provide the needed sweetness. It seems like a common practice here with the emphasis in natural seasoning which makes one less guilty.

Assam Fish Head $20/22

famous jb101 firewokz 10

Not yet introduced on the menu but the Assam fishhead was umami-packed at the first bite. The fish head was as fresh as the sea intended, with the ravishingly beautiful assam gravy doused over the fish to add the sweet-savoury-sour delightful flavour. An appetizing dish that is worth the try.

Sambal Prawn $16/20/30

famous jb101 firewokz 3

The dried shrimp was distinct within the sambal sauce and helped to elevate the sambal sauce by allowing the flavours to mellow out and develop.

Our verdict

The location may pose some challenges to locate the stall, but Famous JB101 Firewokz provides decent zi char at a reasonable price, which can still be attractive to those working and living nearby.

Famous JB101 Firewokz

A: 21 Bukit Batok Crescent, WCEGA Tower (open air food court)

H: 11am-10pm daily, Closed on Sundays

T: 63043112


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