Eggs and Berries

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Eggs and Berries

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I’m not sure about my family members, but I am a huge sucker for BREAKFAST FOODS. Any place that sells All Day Breakfast is a must go for me. No doubt it’s just a few simple components like scrambled eggs, toast etc. there’s just that factor that warms your heart and brings a smile to your face. If it’s tasty, that is.

Walking in to Eggs & Berries, the entire décor was something quite unlike those that you normally see in cafés or restaurants. The colours used were very bright, with rather royal looking chairs that had bright streaks of purple, orange, pink etc with a warm cosy orange lighting to make you feel like royal. Lucky for us, since we went at about 6plus (wayyyyyy before the dinner crowd), we managed to get the booth seats! (Look at the cute little deer they got there)

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For our dinner, we ordered a Sweet Brioche French Toast, Bacon Onion Mushroom Omelette, a Set Dinner which featured the Duck Confit, Devil’s Chocolate and Very Berries.

Sweet Brioche French Toast ($15.50)

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The French toast came with some soft fluffy pancakes, scrambled eggs, a thin slice of crispy bacon, 2 small pieces of bratwurst sausage and a mixed salad with crunchy vegetables. The good thing here for all the health conscious, is that everything isn’t heavily seasoned or sweetened. You get to control how much salt and pepper you want on your scrambled egg, if you want anything at all. It’s also good for the sweet toothed people like me who like to drench their pancakes in maple syrup, I can easily do so with the jug that they have at every table! (compared to other places whereby they give you a miserable serving and you have to pay extra for more) Oh and if maple syrup isn’t your thing, they also have chocolate sauce and raspberry sauce!

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Bacon Onion Mushroom Omelette ($14.80)

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The omelette came with a Rosti, crispy and salted thick toast, and the same mixed vegetable salad. As you can see in the picture, there’s cheese oozing out from the middle of the omelette, and a generous portion of bacon. My brother and I personally preferred the crispy and salted thick toast to the sweet version above. The Rosti was lightly seasoned to taste with a crispy outer layer.eggs and berries 21

Dinner Set ($26.90) – Salad, main, drink and ice cream


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When the salad was served to us, it was obvious that it was just taken out of the fridge. I guess the up side to that was that the greens were rather crispy. We all thought that there was a tad too much dressing. They had a slice of egg in there that was a little similar to those that you will have when you eat ramen. Let’s just say we wouldn’t have minded a few more slices!

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Duck Confit

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The Duck Confit was served with a huge portion of mashed potatoes and greens. The duck itself took up only 33% of the entire dish. The duck was rather tender, however it could’ve been tastier, with a bit more crispy skin. Sauce was fine, and greens were crunchy like all the above. It also came with a poached egg that was served in a small little cup, topped with light soy sauce to accompany. It was real good!

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Ice Cream

Plain old vanilla ice cream you can get from a tub at your nearest supermarket. Nothing special.

Devil’s Chocolate ($15.00)

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We had the option to go for a crispy or non-crispy crepe, and we went for the non-crispy one. (if you read our previous reviews, our experience with crispy crepes at Wimbly Lu wasn’t exactly a pleasant one) The crepes were topped with almond, and these crunchy chocolate pearls that made you feel like a happy kid again. It gives the crepes that extra texture and flavour, accompanying the crepe with chocolate inside very well. The ice cream that came along with it was a little too sweet to our liking though. Not very sure what the flavour was, but they could’ve just went with normal vanilla ice cream.

Very Berries ($14.00)

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Given that we’re at Eggs and Berries, we’ve got to give this a try! As you can see in the picture, it looked like it rained berries on the waffles. We’re not complaining thought! While the berries tasted good on its own, the waffles were a tad too salty and tough.

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If you are a big eater that avoids cafes because the portions are so dang small, you know you won’t have that problem at Eggs and Berries because the portions are HUGE. We all felt so full and stuffed at the end of the day, because we expected the portion to be way smaller! During peak hours, expect huge crowd and slow in the service. To ensure that you get the best service and best quality food, be early birds like us.  After all, it’s the early bird that catches the worm.

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Eggs & Berries

Address: 5 Changi City Park Central 1, Changi City Point, Unit No #01-37/38, Singapore 486038

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 8.00am – 10.00pm

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