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Eastern Rice Dumpling, Dong Yuan Bak Chang

Eastern Rice Dumpling, Dong Yuan Bak Chang

Dong Yuan bak chang 2

Eastern rice dumpling or more popular as Dong Yuan Bak Chang is a household name in Singapore with close to ten retail outlets around the isle. Thirty over years of making the bak chang and only specialised in Bak Chang made Dong Yuan a natural choice when we are looking for best bak chang in Singapore.

Nonya Rice Dumplings $2.90
Dong Yuan bak chang 3

Just sweet was perhaps the best way to describe Dong Yuan Nonya Bak Chang, the sugary sweet taste was overwhelming everything wrapped under the bamboo leaf, we can’t taste the much needed spices in a traditional good Nonya bak chang and sad to say that it is very much falling short of our expectations.

Hokkien Rice Dumplings $2.90
Dong Yuan bak chang 4

Why kosong one (Nothing in Malay)? That is what we first cut opened the bak change. It took us sometime to find the fillings which were a small piece of meat and a tiny mushroom hidden in the rice, that’s it!

It was hard for anyone to appreciate the bak chang that 90% packed with only rice. We tried hard but seriously can’t convince ourselves to give it an affirmative endorsement.

Vegetarian Nonya Rice Dumplings $2.60

 Dong Yuan bak chang 5

We were hoping Dong Yuan has this one as the last triumph card but that went against our wish, the vegetarian bak chang was mediocre and a tab soft for our liking. Again, the sweetness from the sugar dominant everything and that is just not the way a good bak chang should be.

Eastern Rice Dumpling, Dong Yuan Bak Chang Our verdict:

We are searching for the popular bak chang in Singapore, unfortunately Eastern Rice Dumpling lackluster seasoning was a major weaknesses. Could it be the high demand in the coming rice dumplings festival somehow affected  the quality? We are not sure but seriously, there is a lot more work required to improve the quality of the Bak Chang here.

Eastern Rice Dumpling, Dong Yuan Bak Chang

Address: 300 Balestier Rd, Singapore 329737

Telephone: 6352 6283



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