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With the intention of keeping things fresh while still retaining the old classic favourites, Earle Swensen’s came up with a newly revamped menu with a list of new offerings to look forward to! For those who aren’t aware, all main courses at the restaurant comes with a complimentary access to the Salad Buffet Bar (a la carte at $15.90), with various salads, mixed greens and fruits. To keep things exciting, the salads are frequently switched up based on different themes. This time round, we guessed the theme to be Thai as we had the fried Thai vermicelli and Thai beef salad which were our favourites!

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On top of the new additions to the menu, Earle Swensen’s has specially collaborated with Health Promotion Board to come up with dishes that have less than 500 calories, like the Baked Teriyaki Cod Fish, Earle’s Mexican Chicken Wrap, Triple Decker Clubhouse and the Barramundi in Lemongrass Cream Sauce which we tried.

With 11 new dishes, 2 new desserts and an all-time favourite with a new twist in the brand new menu, we’ll be sharing with you some of the key highlights that we are particularly interested in or that we had the chance to try!

Oven Roasted Drumlets ($10.90)

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You get to choose to have them either in the popular hot sauce Sriracha Glaze for those who like it hot and spicy; or the teriyaki glaze for those who like it sweet! The drumlets were extremely addictive and given how they are rather bite sized, 2 of us wiped this out in a couple of minutes!

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Charboiled Hanger Steak ($25.90)

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Air flown from Australia, this cut of meat found between the rib and the loin of the cow is said to be extremely flavourful and tender. We asked for it to be served medium rare, but the steak was more rare than it was medium rare, and the steak wasn’t as tender as we were hoping for it to be.

Barramundi in Lemongrass Cream Sauce ($24.50)

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One of the healthier options with less than 500 calories, the Barramundi is cooked to perfection and light. This dish was served with blue mussels on the side with a bed of spinach, mushrooms and homemade lemongrass cream sauce. Although we couldn’t quite taste the lemongrass in the sauce, the cream sauce was light (hence the healthier choice) and still a great complement to the other components.

Chili Kicap Manis Chicken ($25.90)

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Definitely a must try, the Half chicken was extremely tender and juicy. Marinated with the chef’s special recupe of garlic chili kicap manis, we were instantly hooked! It was a mixture of sweet and spicy, for those who prefer the extra kick, there’s still a portion of garlic chili kicap manis for you to dip your chicken and fries into if you’d like.

Pistachio Daze ($12.90)

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My favourite out of the two creations, the pistachio gelato was smooth and creamy. The pistachio went very well with the hazelnut wafers, and swensen’s gooey chocolate hot fudge.

Stylo Milo ($12.90)

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We were looking forward to this milo gelato, but were quite disappointed as it tasted more like regular chocolate ice cream. With chocolate balls, chocolate morsels, diced almonds and chocolate powder, you may not be able to taste the milo in it, but it’s still a decent chocolate gelato.

Hot U.S Fries

No longer served with the typical ketchup and mayo on the side, the new U.S Fries comes with a Salted Egg Yolk dip and Barbecue sauce which we are digging!

Key items that we didn’t have a chance to try but thought you all would be interested to know:

Popcorn Squid ($8.90)

Inspired by popcorn chicken, Earle Swensen’s came up with this – golden fried squid heads that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. They are also served with Earle’s creamy dip on the side.

Breaded Scallops ($8.90)

Scallops coated in bread crumbs and fried to attain a crispy crust, there is nothing better than that… unless it’s served with a homemade salted egg yolk dip on the side!

Charboiled Wagyu Minute Steak ($34.90)

Wagyu is known for its tenderness; seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices with such a thin cut, we’re expecting this to taste pretty phenomenal.

Lamb Shank ($33.90)

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Infused with secret herbs and spices, this lamb shank is tender as it falls off the bone. Served with a homemade gravy and crunchy diced vegetables on the side.

The New Menu will be available at all Earle Swensen’s restaurants from 1st May 2015. At Earle Swensen’s, besides the signature ice cream sundaes, you can now enjoy a range of specialty grilled entrees in the grand San Francisco tradition (some Thai element too!). So, Happy feasting!

Earle Swensen’s


Add: 1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-117, VivoCity

Hrs: 10:30am-10.30pm

Tel: 6272 3306


Add: 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #03-11

Hrs: 10:30am-10.30pm

Tel: 6734 7712

Web: http://www.earleswensens.com.sg/

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