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D’zerts café

D’zerts café – Part I

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Recently since the start of this food blog, I made it a tradition that if there’s a café nearby where we have had our meal at, then it is a must to walk in for some pastries and desserts. After all, we can review 2 places in one trip, killing two birds with one stone! Went to the Big Eater a couple of weeks back (have you read our review on it yet?) and D’zerts Café happened to be just a few stalls away.. So off we go!

If the place did not sell dessert, something that I love SO much, I probably would not have given the shop a second look. The walls were plain white with absolutely no decorations on it, the seats were far from cozy (it was the kind of seats you would find at the food court), and it was just bright. Yeah, no cozy lightings that would warm your heart. Would probably be a good place to study at though, since you can be sure you will not fall asleep. Then again, I can’t be too fast to judge, maybe their desserts are so good they do not have to rely on their furnishings?

dzerts cafe 2

D’zerts café

D’zerts café sells a decent variety of pastries and alcoholic drinks, with their signature dessert being the passion fruit tart. (Do comment below and correct me if I am wrong!) They also occasionally make real cute looking macarons, while stock lasts! (Saw on their Facebook page turtle shaped macarons and hello kitty shaped ones!) However, I am not really into passion fruit, so I chose the Guinness Tiramisu instead, while my brother got the Mango pudding. (if you read our previous review on Milk and Honey Gelato, I think you can spot my brother’s “pattern”)

dzerts cafe 1

The Mango pudding was so rich and thick! It was sour and sweet at the same time, loved how it tasted. However, the pudding was slightly runny, it was more like really really thick mango juice than mango pudding. Depending on how you look at it, I guess you can say that the pudding was rather smooth? Oh and I like how it’s in a small little heart shaped plastic container, so adorable!

dzerts cafe 3

In my opinion, the tiramisu was average. Thought that it was not moist enough, the sponge cake layer in the tiramisu did not manage to soak up much of the alcohol/coffee liquor. I was hoping for the alcohol to ooze out a little when I place the first spoonful in to my mouth.. But it didn’t. As for the other components of the tiramisu, the cream/custard was mildly sweet to go well with the slightly strong in flavour sponge cake, so that was good! It was literally a bittersweet ending to my day.

dzerts cafe 4

It has always been my dream to open a little café of mine too, and to know that the bakers behind all these lovely desserts are pretty young (not the kind of chef with 1000 years of experience), I hope one day I can be like them too, baking happily away. Just maybe! I am pretty sure they have many other better tasting desserts that I have yet to try out yet. Do comment below your past experiences at the D’zerts Café, we love to know more!

dzerts cafe 5

 D’zerts café

Address: 30 Jalan Pari Burong,

Singapore 488696

Operating Hours: 11am to 11pm Daily



  1. My friends and I loves to visit D’zert’s Cafe for their simplicity decor. We would usually go in a group and have our fair share of food there. More often we would still go for the Brownie with vanilla ice cream as well as the Blondie with vanilla ice cream and salted caramel.

    Understand the chef does their own baking and churn out the ice cream as well.

    Their Bert’s Waffles is also a ‘MUST TRY’ with ice cream and salted caramel.

    Last night we were there and understand they had already sold more than 2000 pcs of waffles since end Jul 13.

    My friends also agreed that his family members also comes in for waffles with salted caramel – made in-house as well.

    Fyi, they have much more to offer now – with varieties of pastas, mushroom soup – fantastic Hotel standard, tuna sandwich set and many more.

    You could just be there to enjoy the food and enjoy the company of friends.


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