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Dutch Colony Coffee Co

Dutch Colony Coffee Co – The coffee matters

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There is no gambrel roofline that reminiscent of classic barns or double-hung sash windows to portray the Dutch Colonial homes. However, Dutch Colony has the earthy feel and inviting atmosphere engendered from the natural materials such as wooden table and plants.

Dutch colony coffee co 2

The supposedly opened air backyard was shaded with the clear perplex glass roof to harvest the natural sunlight, casting a bright spot in the seemingly monotonous black and white interior. The un-tiled cement sparkling flooring added a touch of originality and rustic feel to the country-yard setup.

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Ambience is definitely one of the selling points here luring the yuppies to dine here.

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What offers on the menu is fairly standard and nothing garnered special attention.

American Breakfast $16

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Bacon, sausage, ham, porched eggs, multi-grains bread and green salad. Ordinary ingredients with ordinary taste.

Fresh toast WentelTeefjes $10

Dutch colony coffee co 6

Banana blueberry strawberry ceareal  toast w eggs, probably the more decent meal of the day.

Speculoos $7

Dutch colony coffee co 13

Sweetness was way too overwhelming and overly suppressed our preference of sourness from the lemon juice, cloying set in fairly fast with the sugary sweet cheesecake.

Thai milk cake $5

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The dry texture pulled us off completely for liking the cake. The moisture was mostly not present and gave you the feeling of eating a piece of biscuit instead of a moist and soft cake. The high sugar content further dampened our mood and the cake was largely untouched at the end.

Potatoes Truffle fries $10

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Fries fresh potatoes and that made the fries soft and not crispy, small portion, soggy. Not worth for $10, truffle to make up the disappointment? Unfortunately too big the gap to close.

Pancake Pannenkoeken $10

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The pancake was fluffy but missing the fragrance, in fact, it was heavily relied on the maple syrup to perk up the taste buds.

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Chicken Pesto Lingui $17

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Roasted chicken with spaghetti, my daughter thinks the standard is acceptable, we do agree the spaghetti blended well with the cheese and the herb, roasted chicken was replaced by the traditional seafood.

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Ice Mocha $6.5 / Ice Chocolate $6

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Dutch Colony is popular with their coffee, the mocha was rich, aromatic wth a nutty flavour. Coffee lover? This is the place to have a good sip of quality coffee bean.

Dutch Colony Coffee Co Our verdict :

If food is your primarily focus of the trip here, Dutch Colony may not make the impression. However, if you are looking for a place to laze around with a cup of coffee, Dutch Colony indeed a good choice.

Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

Address: 113 Frankel Avenue, Singapore 458230



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