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Dunman Road Duck Rice @ Dunman Road Food Centre

Dunman Road Duck Rice @ Dunman Road Food Centre 

Duman road duck rice

Dunman Road Food Centre is probably one of the most visited food centres for our family, we are the die hard fans for the Dunman road wanton mee and patronized the stall at least once a month. However, let’s be fair, there are other popular stalls in this food centre and Dunman Duck rice is just one of them that many have raved about but we have yet to explore.

We were contemplating of our choice that should we go for the duck rice or the Kway chap, the array of items on display could be tempting, pig intestines, fishcake, braised beancurd, eggs and many others, I have to control the wife for over ordering and keep thing simple with just the duck rice, ok, plus a bowl of kway chap to make the wifey happy.

Duman road duck rice: Good assortment of braised items available

The business was good with lots of take away orders, a long wait that a spider probably has time to construct a web around us.

The braised duck was doused with the sticky sauce, we think the sauce was a little too viscous and starchy, the flavour was not exceptional and ordinary with it geared towards more on the sweet taste, in fact, it was missing the good herbal-infused taste that we are looking for. Fortunately, the braised duck was tender with a thin layer of skin and fat, dipping into the commendable chili sauce and made it a nice pair at least.

Duman road duck rice

The black soy sauce rice was a big disappointment, not yam rice obviously, the rice was too dry and hard or perhaps some degree of under-cooked, the insipid taste further dampened the mediocre rice and it almost destroyed any possible good thing about the meal.

Duman road duck rice

We probably should opt for the kway chap meal instead, at least the kway was fine and smooth, though the gravy was not right there to win over your heart, the assortment of the braised items that we have not tried might able to save the day, who knows?

Duman road duck rice

Our verdict

The braised duck may be acceptable but the sauce of the duck and black soy sauce rice were simply not able to make the mark, go for the kway chap instead at least you wouldn’t be too disappointed when compared to the rice. Honestly, Dunman Toad Duck Rice definitely has some rooms to improve if it is serious about making real good braised duck, the duck may be fine but the sauce…the rice and you simply can’t ignore those playing the supporting roles.

A: 271 Onan Rd, Singapore 424768

H: 7am to 12pm daily

T: 6225 5632



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