Drips Bakery Café

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Drips Bakery Café

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The classic see through glass panels on the outside allowed us to take a sneak peak on the rows of tarts and pastries that they have, which caught our attention. (Or maybe it’s the huge decal that says we specialise in tarts!) Either way, we knew we would be here for long when we took in the décor of the café. There was a section of the café that had natural light shining from above, decked in cosy seats and sofas, with cute pillow casings.

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After marvelling at the décor, taking pictures like a tourist, we then made our order which consisted of a Cinnamon Apple Danish, a baked Chocolate de Tart, Cinnamon Pear Tart, Rosemary Chicken Puff Pie, Special Strawberry Seasonal Fruit Tart, and a cup of Iced Honey Lemon. These are prepared by the pastry chef, who used to work at the Shangri La hotel and even has his own bakery at Tanglin Halt. Needless to say, we were all excited!

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Cinnamon Apple Danish ($3.00)

Drips special tarts 5

Tasted average, apple was a little sour and puff pastry could have been lighter and fluffier.

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Chocolate de Tart ($6.80)

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Light and crispy chocolate crust on the outside, filled with soft rich chocolate mousse on the inside. We highly recommend this one!

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Cinnamon Pear Tart ($7.50)

Drips special tarts 10

Another one of our to-die-for, crust was exceptionally crispy and full of tasty buttery goodness; we couldn’t get enough of it! The chunks of pears were also very fresh and crunchy.


Rosemary Chicken Puff Pie ($5.20)

Drips special tarts 13

Nothing exceptional, filling could have been more flavourful.

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Special Strawberry Seasonal Fruit Tart ($8.50)

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Same crust as the Cinnamon Pear Tart, which can only mean that it was just as good! Extremely fresh fruits are used here once again! The mango and strawberry were juicy and sweet with a small tinge of sourness, it was the perfect combination. The cream used in the tart could have been more fragrant though.

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At the end of the day, Drips Bakery Café really lived up to its tagline that they specialise in tarts! Their fruit tarts are a must try; do come early so you won’t miss out on any of them! The downside is that they different tarts are available on different days; you’ve got to be pretty lucky for you might not get what you want. The glutton family aren’t really coffee drinkers either, so you might want to give their coffee a shot and leave us a comment below to tell us how their coffee was!

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Drips Bakery Café

Address: Blk 82, #01-05, Tiong Poh Road, Singapore 160082

Telephone: 6222 0400


Operating hours:

Sun – Thurs: 11.00am to 9.30pm

Fri & Sat: 11.00am to 11.00pm


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