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Dough and Grains

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After lunch at the nearby Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre, we decided that we weren’t fully satisfied until we had some dessert in our tummies. Exiting the food centre, we were about to walk to the famous Tiong Bahru bakery when Dough & Grains caught our attention. We weren’t sure if it was the simple and bright white tiles that caught our attention, the cooling air conditioner on such a warm day, the display of pretty looking tarts and cakes or the many newspaper articles plastered on the glass doors; either way, we found ourselves drawn to the bakery.

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Initially looking for some sweet bites, we ordered the Tiramisu, the Chocolate Devil and the Mango Madness. But how can we resist the display of breads staring right back at us? Especially not after realising that Dough and Grains is the first Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) bread retailer listed in the Singapore Book of Records! We then went on to order their Black Pearl and Jade Lychee, one of their recommendations in their TCM selection.

Tiramisu ($8.00)

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It is stated that this is a Must try, but we beg to differ. While the flavour of the coffee was relatively strong and rich, we thought that the sponge cake that was supposedly soaked in their special espresso brew lacked much of the needed coffee liquor. With the taste of the coffee liquor missing, the tiramisu was just alright. We also felt that the sponge cake could be soaked in the brew for a tad longer, to give it that extra punch for we all thought that the sponge cake was a tad dry.

Chocolate Devil ($8.00)

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This is another one of their Must Try. It is made up of a relatively rich Belgium chocolate mousse, with alternating layers of chocolate sponge cake, and brandied cherries! This was our favourite amongst the three, the brandied cherries complemented the chocolate mousse and the sponge cake very well, when you bite into the cherry it gives a tiny little explosion of brandy goodness!

Mango Madness ($6.00)

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Whenever you see a mango related dessert you can be 110% sure it’s ordered because of my dear brother. For all you mango fans out there just like him, the Mango Madness is made up of layers of sponge cake with mango mousse and bits and pieces of fresh mango bits at the bottom. It was alright, we didn’t think there was anything “mad” about it.

Black Pearl ($1.90)

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The Black Pearl is made up of Shou Wu, bamboo charcoal and Walnut which is said to help promote longevity, retain youthful looks, prevents hair loss and greying of hair. This pretty much seems like everyone could use a bite or two of this miracle bread! We are not sure how true the benefits are, but we sure don’t mind having more of this because of how soft and fluffy the bread is! Accompanied with the fragrance of the charcoal plus the sweetness of the walnut, we would have it all day if we could.

Jade Lychee ($1.90)

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The Jade Lychee consists of as the name says, lychee, green tea and apricot. The benefits of the Jade Lychee are supposedly the preventing of the growth of cancer cells, lowering cholesterol and burning fat. This just seems like the ideal bread for the glutton family so we had to try it! The bread was once again moist, and soft, with a little bit of dried lychee bits here and there in every mouthful. The green outer layer of the bread is infused with a tinge of light green tea topped with some sesame seeds. Once again, a joy to eat!


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Overall, we greatly enjoyed our time at Dough and Grains and we would absolutely love to go back again some time for the other TCM breads that they have to offer!

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Dough and Grains

Address: 71 Seng Poh road,Tiong Bahru Estate, #01-35 Singapore 160071

Telephone: 6225 5223

Operating Hours:  7.30am – 8.00pm




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