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Doong Ji Korean Restaurant @ East Coast Road

Doong Ji Korean restaurant 1

Nestled among the shop houses along the East Coast road, Doong Ji Korean Restaurant has been resilient and not shaken by the intense rivalry between the eateries there. Is this the K-wave or truly the food worthy the visit?

Budae Sausage Steamboat $39.50

Doong Ji Korean restaurant 4

Only one size and the army stew was not meant for one or two person but can feed up to 4 or 5 pax capacity. I have to kowtow to those pair who ordered this humorous pot and yet able to clear the last drop of the kimchi soup base in there.

There was a wide range of ingredients went into the pot, rice cake, noodle, luncheon meat, fish ball, sausage, kimchi, tofu etc, it filled to the brim and the mildly spicy kimchi broth was tangy and appetizing. Worth to try.

Haemul Pa Jeon – Korean Seafood Pancake $19.0

Doong Ji Korean restaurant 2

One of the better Korean seafood pancake we have tried so far, the pancake was nicely seasoned and its blend well with the seafood, compared to the one we had few days ago at Seorae Korean BBQ, the seafood pancake is by far Superior. Another dish we will recommend here.

Bulgogi – Fried Beef $19.5
Doong Ji Korean restaurant 3

You will find all the goodness in this Bulgogi dish, the beef was stir fried and we enjoyed every bite of the meat that was tender, juicy and tantalizing. Be it go with the rice or wrap with the lettuce, it was mouthful after mouthful of enjoyment. A highly recommended dish here.

Kimchi Fried Rice $13.90

Doong Ji Korean restaurant 5

This is another good Kimchi fried rice that we are quite impressed. Every grain of rice was infused with the essence and goodness of the Kimchi. A simple dish but yet very satisfying.

Sauced Fried Chicken $18.50

Doong Ji Korean restaurant 7

Doong Ji Korean Restaurant has been consistent in quality and taste in those dishes that we had tried, it was not until the Fried chicken with spicy sauce was served, compared to other Korean restaurants, the fried chicken was a mediocre and disappointing, it failed miserably with its insipidness and featureless taste.

Fried Chicken $18.50

Doong Ji Korean restaurant 8

Fried chicken served with Hot mayo, Pineapple sauce and pickled radish. Our disappointment of the first fried chicken was further dampened by the next fried chicken dish. Seriously, Doong Ji Korean Restaurant may try hard to showcase the authenticity of fried Korean chicken, however our minds perhaps already pervaded with all the heavily dressed up fried Korean chicken out there and suffered withdrawal syndrome when something less savory.

Doong Ji Korean restaurant 6

Doong Ji Korean Restaurant Verdict:

The fried chicken dishes may taint the overall good feeling slightly about Doong Ji Korean Restaurant, however, it has not affected our confidence to endorse Doong Ji a good Korean restaurant afterall. It worth to make the next trip.

Doong Ji Korean Restaurant Details:

Address: 222 East Coast Road, Singapore 428919
Phone : +65 63454264
Operating Hours : 06:00pm – 10:00pm, 11:30am – 02:30pm daily


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