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Dona Manis Cake Shop

Dona Manis Cake Shop

There isn’t anything to be impressed about the shop’s exterior, the whole shop is simply made up with plain decoration or we should say no decoration at all, what you can see is just a display cabinet for the various pastries. Anyone walking past the humble shop may not pay any attention to it and likely give it a miss.

Katong Dona Manis cake shop 3

The shop is managed by an Uncle and Auntie whipping out varieties of delectable pastries daily. The shop may not be strategically located along the main walkway and could easily be missed by the crowd. However, you will be easily lured in by the pungent buttery aroma in the air when you are near to the escalators located few shops away from the cake shop; the fragrance is too distinct that you can hardly miss it.     

We ordered the Chocolate tarts, cream horn, rum ball, peach pie and the all time favorite banana pie. Everything we tried was delightful and salivating.

Chocolate tarts: The biscuit crust of the Chocolate tarts was very much different from the hard crust you can buy from any of the bakery shop. The biscuit crust here is relatively soft and the biscuit easily crumble with the slightest force. The Chocolate filling was rich and nice making you craving for more.  

Cream Horn: The flaky pastry horns are filled with cream and topped with rich chocolate. Not bad either.

Katong Dona Manis cake shop 2

Rum ball: The chocolaty rum ball was fascinating to the taste, the richness of the chocolate was well blended with the rum and created another quality product from the shop.

Peach pie: Buttery base crust filled with yam paste and topped with peaches and pineapple, the perfect texture of the yam was sandwiched in between the crust and the fruity topping, created a perfect piece of delicacy that full with flavour and salivating aroma.    

Katong Dona Manis cake shop 4 

Banana pie: Where to find the best Banana cake in Singapore? The answer is right here in Dona Manis. The Banana cake from the shop is touted as the best Banana pie in Singapore and so you can’t give it a miss! The slice of cake is filled with lovely sweet fragrant banana mixed with coconut shreds, encrusted with the buttery crust garnished with roasted almonds bits. The tinge of the sweetness from the banana married perfectly well with the shred coconut and the crunchy crust biscuit, created a heavenly flavour that was etched in your mind.

Katong Dona Manis cake shop 5

“Don’t judge the book by the cover”, this is the perfect quotation best to describe this ordinary but speculative cake. For a sweet tooth lover, the hearty treat will go no waste. 

 Katong Dona Manis cake shop 1

Dona Manis Cake Shop

Address: Mountbatten Road No. 865, Katong Shopping Centre, #B1-93

Telephone: 64407688

Opening Hours: 10.30am – 7pm (Closed on Sundays)





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