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Dome Café, Singapore – For coffee lovers

Dome Café, Singapore – For coffee lovers  

Perhaps more well known as a coffee place, especially with a slogan like “World’s Finest Coffees”, it’s definitely lesser known as a dining establishment. We were here to sample their array of main dishes on offer – from pizzas to pastas to protein, it’s definitely a wider spread than we would have expected!

Dome cafe 1

Munchy Combi ($15.80)

This snack platter consists of potato wedges, chewy calamari rings, fish nuggets and our favourite – crispy chicken wings that were not only tender but flavourful too!

Dome cafe 5

Ocean-Catch Pizza ($15.80)

Fresh ingredients were used, like tiger prawns, squid and scallops. There was supposedly truffle oil in the pizza, however we couldn’t really taste it. We liked it for its thin crust, which was easy to handle and share – and wasn’t too crispy as well. This dish didn’t taste bad but it was nothing out of the ordinary either. You might still want to give this a try if you’re a fan of seafood and pizza!

Dome cafe 6

Laksa Pasta with Seared Scallop ($16.80)

My mum actually tried cooking her own version of Laksa Spaghetti and it was a great hit with all of us. When we knew Dome had their take on a Laksa Pasta we were more than excited; and luckily we weren’t disappointed! The laksa pesto sauce and red chilli complimented the succulent seared scallops, fine beans and pasta – a must try for all fusion food lovers.

Dome cafe 7

Smoked Bacon Carbonara ($15.80)

What’s not to love about a plate of creamy and savoury pasta that practically glides down your throat, and topped with generous portions of crispy bacon bits? That said, while I personally loved it, it was a bit too much to handle for my parents as they found the cream sauce to be too thick.

Dome cafe 8

Lamb Roast Marinade ($23.80)

Lamb is supposedly more tender than mutton, but this roasted lamb leg was way too tough for our liking. The only redeeming point of the dish was the red wine mint sauce that helped add to the flavour department. The pumpkin mash was mixed with heavy cream and parmesan cheese which masked the scent of the pumpkin itself.

Dome cafe 9

Dome Signature Oven Baked Chicken ($17.50)

Extremely tender chicken thigh that tasted heavenly when eaten together with the truffle mashed potato; otherwise it is slightly bland on its own. The bacon ragout helped to add an extra punch too!

Dome cafe 10

Baked Halibut with Pumpkin Parmigiano ($18.50)

Halibut was fishy, and the pumpkin mash with beets somehow did not go too well with the fish.

Dome cafe 11

Coffee $4.00 – $6.40

Premium blend of freshly roasted espresso coffee from the finest Arabica coffee beans, we all agree Dome Café has very good coffee indeed.

Dome cafe 2

Dome cafe 3

Dome cafe 4


Dome Carrot Cake ($6.80)

A little too dry and not able to hold well together, the cake broke into bits which was not ideal for a carrot cake. Flavour was acceptable.

Dome cafe 14

Lychee Ambrosia ($6.80)

The cake was overly sweet and we could not discern the flavour of lychee.

Dome cafe 12

Hazelnut Crunch ($6.80)

Taste wise it’s just like fererro rocher in a cake form which was rather lovely, but the sponge cake layers were so dry it crumbled.

Dome cafe 15

Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream ($6.80)

The best amongst all the desserts we tried, flavoursome and went well with ice-cream.

Dome cafe 13

Our verdict, if you are a coffee lover, Dome café is definitely the right place to enjoy a great brew. Recommended dishes are the Laksa Pasta with Seared Scallop, Smoked Bacon Carbonara and Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream

(Note: Thanks Denise for the invitation of the food tasting)

Dome Café, Singapore – For the coffee lovers

Please refer to Dome Café website for all the branches and operating hours.




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